Interceding for a Nation — 25 Comments

  1. Amen and not just for one nation; but for all. Have mercy oh! Lord. We need You desperately. Your word says that You are a very present help in time of need and that we are to confess our faults one to another, and pray one for another, that we may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. That time is upon us. We always need you. In times of plenty. In times of suffering. Nothing is difficult for Thee.

  2. GREAT post…. if there was ever a time that our nation needed intercession, it is now…. the evil is becoming more open and forceful…. but God is not taken by surprise. He still has a plan…. He can still change the hearts of men and women… He can give us the grace to walk faithfully with Him as things get harder and harder…. and He can unite us into a nation that turns from their sin and turns wholeheartedly to God. Thank you.

  3. Oh friend, that line between complacency and stepping into the full oneness of relationship with our heavenly Father, through intercession. That shaking the heavens, hearing from the Lord of all creation, embracing our birthright Christ did, that we too might do likewise! Have a blessed weekend friend!

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    • Yes! And I think it will reorder my days to go to those unseen places and bring a different kind of discipline. I am leaning in to this new year with expectation of what He is going to teach me – and when He teaches me, change comes!

  5. Yes, may we be praying for the world as we are in such perilous times. May we pray not only for the protection of Ukraine, but for leaders to make the right choices, standing up for what is just.

  6. Ukraine is 90% Christian, so part of our calling to pray for them is because they are our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Pray for my friend Galya, she and her family and the orphans she ministers to are trying to leave today. They are driving right now.

    • Praying, Lisa, that your friend, family and orphans are hedged on every side of them in their journey, that they feel the angels of the Lord encamped about them, and that the faith of all they encounter testify to the Glory of God!

  7. Well said Maryleigh!
    I have been praying for the Ukraine too it has disturbed me greatly, as did the situation in Hong Kong & other parts of the world that are being bullied.
    Also praying for the brave protesters in Russia who are against this tyranny as they are being imprisoned for their stand.

  8. I’ve been praying ever since I heard of the invasion–for the people, for world leaders, even for Putin. May our relationship with God be such that we feel boldly confident standing before God and praying for big things.

    • Continued prayers my friend. I don’t understand the politics of it all – I just see the hurt and it breaks my heart! ~ Maryleigh

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