Maryleigh Bucher

Maryleigh to Mom to Muddy

Hi, I am Maryleigh and I am so glad you are visiting with me here at my place!

I am wife to my best friend, mom of five sons, a MIL to two lovely DILS I prayed for God to bring to my sons, a Muddy to four going on five. I am no longer the washer of the blue cotton blanket because it fell irretrievably apart, but I have become a knitter of hats.  I am still an encourager. I’ve found the perfect homemade white cake recipe. I still plan to smoke a pipe with vanilla tobacco when I’m 80 years old. Still a planter of flowers, I now a harvest lavender, thyme, rosemary, and other savories. I still never give up. I still love that words mean something but have come to understand that my literalist brain needs to breath easier in a non-literalist world. I once was a mom telling stories;  Now I tell of God in the story. I am blessed. I am Maryleigh.