Since Blue Cotton Memory: The Faith, Love and Politics of Raising Boys to Men launched Mother’s Day, 2009, it has evolved from chronicling the mom-stories to chronicling God in the stories. I learned to vintage God’s love letters in the daily and my blog posts became love letters to Him.

I began writing with four in the nest and last year, my youngest graduated from high school. Suddenly, my blog mission statement wasn’t applicable. There were no more boys to men – they were men. I was out of a hands-on job. The literalist in me needed to either be true to my mission statement (a biological impossibility) or do something new.

Before they graduated, I could coach, guide or help them plot, edit or revise their life story.  I am no longer the lead teacher in the classroom of their life. I can be invited to be a guest-lecturer, historian or even listener. It’s their story to write – I am learning to trust God’s story development as I live on the sidelines watching beloved stories being written between my sons and their savior.

Blue Cotton Memory Blog is moving with me into this new season. How was beyond me, so I gave the figuring out to God, and, slowly, a seed emerged: Blue Cotton Memory: Letting Go  and Letting God. My job? Hands Off and Hands Up while I live my parenting mission statement, “to show my sons how to continue grow older loving the Lord.” 

Welcome to Blue Cotton Memory: Letting Go and Letting God! Thank you for stopping by and visiting for a while. Please let me know you’ve come – and how I can encourage you in your story.

Maryleigh at Blue Cotton Memory