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  1. Is this the beginning of an allegory tale that you are working on, Maryleigh? It’s beautiful and reminds me to rest in the great Gardener’s care. He alone knows how to care for my fragile roots–coaxing blooms from my life like no one else can. Hugs to you, friend!

    • I’ve been wandering around in Isaiah, and Isaiah 27: 1-5, especially where God is encouraging people to “Come make peace with me” – there’s a thread that’s been wondering through my mind – and this really spoke to it. There’s more that can be threaded with it, other parts of a message that I’ve been thinking about that seem to have attached themselves to this story – so, yes, I think it is the beginning of an allegory that will weave itself out. I was thinking of those who choose not to believe, choose not to engage – and rummage through all other beliefs rather than turn to Him for just a conversation. Why not just try talking to God – I think that’s where this is going. {HUGS} back at you, Beth!

  2. Isaiah’s images of the watered garden speak to my heart every time I read them. His writing is exquisite, and what a great God to communicate to us in such a picturesque way. Thank you for teasing out the truth in story form.

  3. Wow, this was a fabulous read! I love our ability to cling to Him, to be invited
    into His garden and to enjoy a close,
    intimate and protected relationship with God. It gives me hope beyond measure! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. There are so many powerful lessons we can learn from nature. I’m thankful that God used everyday things to teach us. Who can’t relate to weeds and flowers and growing things? Thanks for this beautiful story.

  5. I think every time I come over here I end up using the same words, over and over. It seems to be the only word that truly fits in times like these, with posts like this – POWERFUL and poignant. I love this take on that verse in Isaiah. You have such an amazing way with words and imagery. And those lilies? Those are some of my most favorite and they seem to pop up around every house I’ve lived in!

  6. beautiful allegorical and poetic prose, dear ML. Each time I come over I have to give time to read your words slowly, no fast reading here, friend. Or else I miss the beauty of what you have written. The passage in Isaiah is beautiful indeed, and thank you for sharing it here. I opened my Bible and read it for myself… truth is I have read Isaiah a few times, but it was good to focus on that passage. Never really saw it in the way you wrote about it, like making peace with Him. Beautiful. I love the photo too! Blessings on your evening, Mary Leigh. It is always good to connect with your heart. Love Lidia

  7. What a sweet picture – of the old gardener. Of a Savior who patiently and lovingly cares for us… Love this!

    Found your post today on Faith Filled Friday.

    Hope you have a blessed day~

  8. Good to read this again.
    I find that my garden is also my pondering place. I began the work of planting yesterday, already tired, but received strength, persevered, and found myself stronger and encouraged!

  9. It is amazing how gardening, pruning, and weeding speak to our hearts every year. Our lives need tending to seasonally, just like our plants! So good to be reminded of this.

  10. A tale to ponder, Maryleigh. You have such a gift of drawing me into your woven words, your word-smithing. Isaiah is maybe my favorite book in the Bible.
    Thanks for starting my Monday with your kind and encouraging words over at my place.

  11. What a beautiful analogy, I love it. Little by little, his seeds grow in the mind, and we cling, and he harbors our weakening roots as he strengthens us. Thanks for sharing and also the link up.

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