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  1. I loved your line, “In all the messy up-side down, God has met me, sat with me, helped me commit to our journey forward, even if moving forward feels like uncomfortable sitting.”

    I appreciate your sharing of how God is right there with us, through celebrations and also through the cleaning of closets. This is doing life with Him, another example of practicing the Presence.

    • “Doing life with Him” – I so like that phrase – because it encompasses the everyday ordinary and the BIG things! He’s just not there for the big stuff – He’s there for the itty bitty, cleaning out closets, doing the dishes, sweeping the porch ordinary. That is soothing balm, Jerralea! ~ Maryleigh

  2. Maryleigh, I like your comment on the last bouquet of flowers, “and she bloomed despite the snow, the storm, the cold. The uninvited challenges–I identify with that as God blooms flowers in my heart where I never expected them, and He leads me through the cold still as I struggle through the publishing process. God has a plan. My heart just needs to grab that. And trust.

    • One step at a time, Janis! One step at a time! He hasn’t set you on a futile path! I’ve come to the conclusion the path of the most important part – that holding on, the trusting, the one-step-at-a-time moving forward! Believing with you and celebrating in faith your good results! ~ Shalom, Maryleigh

    • Oh, Lauren, we will tell the story of the ways He has worked in our lives! So many more stories that we don’t know about. You tell such encouraging stories of God in the challenges! Praying you feel better soon – that you have relief and good sleep at night! Shalom, my friend, ~ Maryleigh

  3. Hi Maryleigh, I loved reading your post. I’ve been seeing the wedding pics (love the shoes btw) and you all looked amazing. Great post reminding us that God is in all of it. I’m also struggling with my back at the moment, no idea what I did, so I feel for you. Get better soon and God bless (ps: I’m blogging again and I would love for you to visit me

    • I love that you are blogging again – brings me joy! Praying that your back heal, that you find rest and refreshing! Massages and stretches are the only thing that brings relief for me right now – and I have to be consistent! So glad you loved the shoes – they were so fun (surprisingly, the heals were more comfortable with the sciatica – the flats not so much)! Shalom, my friend! ~ Maryleigh

  4. Shalom Maryleigh. I hear you on your sciatic pain. Mine has had me down the past few weeks, I’m needing to schedule more injections, Ugh. His Hope certainly does whisper in our everyday messinesses. Blessings.

    • Praying for relief from the pain – and good sleep, Paula! I’m still struggling with the sleep because it’s when I’m sitting or trying to sleep that it all hurts/aches more! Thanks so much for coming by! Shalom, my friend! ~ Maryleigh

  5. The wedding was beautiful, Maryleigh, and I am so glad you were able to enjoy it all! It is amazing how in the midst of a messy upside down, God meets us – time and time again – and helps us to journey forward. We always journey forward and onward by His grace and mercy.

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