The Year of Redeeming Prayer — 17 Comments

    • Believing so many are going to be redeemed this year – and when two are believing in agreement – what a year we will have Lauren! ~ Maryleigh

  1. So much good stuff here. I loved hearing about your prayer journey. I’m afraid a lot of my prayers are directly or indirectly selfish. And it’s a helpful reminder that God can bring good things out of destruction.

    • It was both an eye-opening and a relief when I realized I’d been praying selfishly for so very long. Yes – I didn’t mean it to be selfish – but it was meant to be prayer FOR someone else’s journey, not for MY journey! God is so gentle with me, though! Praying for shackles to be broken this year, Barbara – and somany redeemed! ~ Maryleigh

  2. Oh, my! You were truly in a school of hard this past year. I am so very sorry about having to have the spinal surgery. I, too, know that pain…excruciatingly so that I never ever want to go through it again. One cervical and two lumbar. Rugged. My pain made Kenneth, my now deceased husband never want spinal surgery and he needed it badly! Never had it though. I love your word smithing. You place words together in such a beautiful way. And the lessons you have learned and will continue to learn, I am sure.
    I am living with a word I never could have imagined on my own…decrease from John 3:30. May lessons for me this year, I can tell already.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Linda, Surprisingly, the pain wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be, but I must admit it was surprising how weak my leg muscles were and how hard to go from sitting to standing! Yet, I am the better for it(T1-L2). I want to hear more about your journey of Christ increasing in you. What an amazing year God has in store for you! Praising God for what He is doing, though I don’t know how or what! Shalom, Linda ~ Maryleigh

  3. First of all, I love what you’ve shared–the raw, the real and the redemptive (my MM tagline!). But in the brokenness of it all is beauty, Maryleigh! Thank you for reminding us of this important and encouraging truth. Like a mosaic set in stained and broken glass, we are more beautiful than before we were broken. This is my first time to linkup! Didn’t know you had one! I’ll be back! And on one of the Tennessee trips I make, we will have to meet face-to-face! xxoo

    • Beth – 2020 was certainly a year of new things – hard challenges but then some sweet challenges, like the new website and link up. I’m so glad you’ve come – the raw, the real, the redemptive – is there any other way to talk about God? Raw and real stories of our journey to redemption changes lives – ours and those around us! I’m glad you’re a writer like that, too! YES – on one of your Tennessee trips – stop! I will make scones for you!

  4. Wow! A powerful post Maryleigh! I believe you may find my latest post ‘Who has the Power?’ very timely as we are sojourners on a similar path! 😀
    New year’s blessings to you,

    • Thank you, Jennifer! Looking forward to reading your post – glad to share this journey with you! New Years blessings on the paths we travel! ~ Maryleigh

  5. What a Godsend that you got the nurse who could recite Psalm 23 with you. I think of my niece and friends who are nurses, and I know they would have done the same thing. Thank you, God! Jeff and I went for a hike last Sunday on Monte Sano near us, and it was so refreshing.

    • Lisa, The nurse reaffirmed my enrollment in God’s class on prayer. It is a memory I hold close. Praise God for nurses with a boldness and gentleness for Him! Date hikes are the best kind of date – and those hikes are always filled with God treasures! ~ Shalom, Maryleigh

  6. Maryleigh, are you reading a volume of Matthew Henry’s Commentary of just the Gospels? Or a one volume of whole Bible version? Do you have all the volumes and use as you read the Bible? Also, is it a complete version or one that has chosen part of his work for that book? I love Mr. Henry, quoting him often on my blog, but I use Blueletterbible online. Just wondering about buying the book(s). Thanks, ~ linda

    • I bought a set of Matthew Henry’s commentaries this fall. The gospels are all in one of the books of the set and I am reading through that until I’m finished – and I think it will take quite a while. Rich food cannot be hastily eaten! Henry’s commentaries would be a valuable addition to any home library, especially in today’s environmrnt.

  7. Redeeming what’s been lost and broken. Finding the invitations from God and the possibilities for ministry among the wreckage.

    Redemption … yes, this is our story.

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