An Interior Martha and Mary Battle — 16 Comments

  1. This was beautiful and I want to remember Him today! Today I am thankful that God was merciful when I let myself end up in a ditch because I questioned His prompting me to move 600 miles to a land that I knew not…after a crash landing, we did obey, and God has provided a temporary home and a permanent church home and family for us, and He has shown us that we are where we need to be. He has also made me rest, which also felt…sinful, even irresponsible to me. But, I too feel the season of change and believe that great things are ahead, because He never lets us out give Him!! Thank you Lord for being a good Daddy, especially to those of us who don’t have that in the natural, and thank you for being patient and loving, even in correction!

    • What blessing our Father has in store for you in that 600 mile move. I am so glad you obeyed and moved to this little town with the Holy Spirit river running through it. He’s the best Dad ever! Thanks for Remembering what God has done today along with me! {{{HUGS}}} and prayers as you settle ito the land you knew not!

  2. Hi Maryleigh, What a beautiful way to describe the restful journey God designed for you! When you pop over to my blog, you’ll see God is also talking to me about “Rest.” I know the Mary/Martha struggle all too well. Thus my body is dragging along with my mind and I have to rest. However, I’m not quite there yet. It’s definitely a slower year than the last three, but I still need to be still at God’s feet. Thank you for your encouragement. I’m looking forward to God’s plan for me as it unfolds this year.
    Blessings, Janis

    • Praying in the stillness at His feet, Janis, you find refreshing and refilling! Shalom, my friend.

  3. This is beautiful, Maryleigh, “Yes, there is ‘a time to keep silent, and a time to speak’ (Ecclesiastes 3:7). When God’s in the silence, there is mercy in it. There is His privilege in it. When God sends out a Mary-Drawing-Near call, there is peace in it.”

    • Thank you, Lisa. There really is no peace with sustenance without Him in it, though the worldly places we look for a moment’s peace have their charm. A good book just doesn’t provide what He offers. Shalom, my friend.

  4. Maryleigh, this is beautiful and I will be thinking on it today. I needed to read John 14:27 and this was the 2nd reference to peace already this morning 🙂 I am glad you emerged from the “fog”, and are feeling better. Your writing always blesses me!

    • Peace – not as the world gives it – praying we both live in that today. Thank you for the welcome back. I have missed our community and the discussions within it. Shalom, my friend!

  5. Such a precious journey God has had you on! Thank you for sharing this—so much of it resonated with me. I think often about the Israelites following the Ark and how they were to stay 2000 cubits behind it. When it stopped and rested, they stopped and rested. When it began to move, they began to move. I also think of when George Mueller said, “God not only orders our steps. He orders our stops.” When we hear “the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees,” we know it is time to “bestir ourselves.” 2 Sam. 5:24 God, please help us to know when to move and when to stay and when we are overstaying our time in either the Martha or Mary position. I appreciate this post so much this morning. God bless you, sweet friend, and Shalom to you, too, in Jesus’ name.

    • I love the visual you provide of this scripture: “When we hear “the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees,” we know it is time to “bestir ourselves.” 2 Sam. 5:24. On our little mountain, we hear those sounds so clearly. Amen to your prayer – that we don’t overstay our time in either the Mary or Martha position – I like that perspective you bring to the discussion. Shalom, Cheryl. You’ve given me food for thought!

  6. Maryleigh, this is such a beautiful post. I love how, when we listen to our Father, He meets us in the stillness. Rather than that time being void of activity, it is filled with His presence, peace, joy. Your words have me pondering my Martha tendencies and Mary desires. Thank you for this.

    • Time with Him is never a do-nothing time, though sometimes we think it will be! Only God could make stillness an unsquirmy thing!

  7. So beautiful Maryleigh, I think my penchant for doing often conflicts with God’s invitations into “being”. He has been likewise beckoning me into moments of beholding which require stillness, rest, contemplation and quietness. All which breathe life into my soul, which is weary of all the doing.
    I’m so glad you surrendered to this time, and excited for your new season!

  8. It’s so hard when seasons change outside of our instigation. I’m sorry you were going through so much. 🙁 I appreciate you sharing your insights with us on things you learned. This is inspiring: “What started out as an Interior Martha and Mary Battle became a Mary Season that has heralded change. I don’t know exactly what that change will look like, but I am stirred up with expectation, as though I were starting a job for which I was designed, for which I have the favor of the one who created the position for me.” Thank you for your honesty and faith, Maryleigh. I’ve been in a long season of upheaval myself for a year and a half. I continue to pray and work for healing.

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