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  1. so very true!! when i think of doing my motherly duties as serving them like the Savior served others it’s so much more fulfilling….perspective is everything!

  2. Oh, how beautiful!!! I loved this post. I’m glad you visited me from SITS.

    My daughter has the anointing of God’s love all over her and it brings everyone JOY. From the time she was born, she has been amazing.

    It is wonderful to meet another Sister in Christ. I hope you’ll visit me often!

    I would follow you if you had that gadget.

    Many blessings!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. I think I have that gadget you’re talking about now. I have moved that mountain today through sheer will and determination. Instead of saying how incredibly dumb I feel in the process, I’m going to say, “Wow, I learned some great new stuff today.” LOL. Let me know if it works!
      Blessings back at ya!

  3. I feel so blessed that I have found you and your blog. I am constantly aware of how my words are received by my kids. I catch myself saying something damaging that I heard as a child and I immediately correct myself.

    I love the idea of these names….

  4. What a wonderful post!! After a crazy day w/ my kids that allowed me to reflect on all the stuff I absolutely love about them : ) I’m glad I found your blog today, I’m sure I will be back again soon…

    Thanks for coming by my blog today too 😉

  5. What a peaceful blog you have here. Truly, I feel great peace when reading it, a sense of calming. I bet you’re a very calm and peaceful person.

    Thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog today. I must say, it is easy being disciplined using WW. It is a very easy plan to follow and I love the online version. It’s convenient which is what I need. I’m on the computer all day anyway and having it at my fingertips works for me.

    I am going to subscribe to your blog. I LOVE it!


    • I’ll be honest here–the older ones always tell me to “chill.” I utilize a full range of emotions. There are days in the car, all I say is, “Greater is He that’s in me than He that’s in the world.” I’m an extravert and pretty much what you see is what you get. By the way, a house full of 5 boys is NOT calm. My husband is the calm one, but thank you for thinking the best of me:)

  6. Terrific way of looking at things, so we can see all the facets of our little God-given gems, and also every side of the one most challenging trait each might have!

  7. I am so glad I visited you today! First, thank you for the comment you left me on Mama Ka’ts workshop; I do need to develop a criteria of what I like in a book. It’s all in my head, but not on paper, that I should be thinking about as I read the book.
    As for YOUR blog post, wow! Sad to say, I have been too “busy” with other things that I have neglected my spiritual side. After reading you, I am reminded that every minute, every second can be a spiritual moment. Thank you, I needed that! 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by. I just read the top three or so posts and you had me in tears. Especially about your son’s delivery, but also this post. Thank you for sharing so honestly. I’m afraid I don’t use words very well with my children – I am going to follow your blog and that way whenever I see a post from you it will remind me to watch my tongue! (As well as teaching me something else!)

  9. Don and Katie Fortune’s books on motivational giftings are my all-time favorite books (after the Bible). So good to see you referencing “Discover Your Children’s Spiritual Gifts” in this post. That one was instrumental in raising my children well. I’m sure you’ve found it indispensable too.

    I appreciate your intentionality and perspective as a Mom. Have a blessed Fourth of July weekend.


  10. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing. I forwarded your Blog to my friends who are parents. I know they will be as encouraged as I am. We have 4 children. Two are twins (17, boys) and one (our daughter) has Cerebral Palsy. My days are not easy. I speak some of the same words of love over them all the time. Even when speaking to other parents about them. Instead of saying the bad things they are doing I talk about them in this way. We are seeing a difference in each of their spirits. I wish I could follow you but I don’t see the gadget on your site.
    Love your Blog!! :o)

    • Thanks so much for your encouragement. To follow my blog, click on the Blue Cotton Subscriptions button on the right. Then follow the choice directions. If that doesn’t work, please let me know. Thanks!

  11. I just found your blog through Proverbs 31 Homekeeper. This post speaks volumes to me today! My husband and I were just talking last night about our responsibility to mold and shape these little lives God has entrusted to us. One of the greatest forces we can use for good or not is our words. I have to watch them constantly. I am going to get the book you wrote about, too. Our little ones have very different personalities and gifts. I want to make sure I nurture them correctly.

  12. Thank you for stopping by my blog………….it was a pleasant surprise! You blog and your writing has a very warm and comfortable feel.
    I love your special names for you sons. It takes a special woman to cultivate loving sons, my husband is one of six boys and his mother was phenomenal!
    I hope to visit more often.

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