Who Would I Be. . . Without Jesus? — 13 Comments

    • Jesus makes such an incredible difference in our lives and its story! If those who don’t know Him, only knew!

  1. Great post! Your following words particularly spoke to me,
    “but I thought about it, and I am so very thankful He pursued me, redeemed me, and carried me home to His Father. . . and has never given up on me. . .” Amen!

    I join you in that statement for my life. And I’m glad that as wives, parents & grandparents we have Him growing us more & more into His image…

    • Isn’t that the beautiful part of growing older? We are growing closer and closer to The One who loves us so very much! He teaches us how to hold on, doesn’t He – by how tightly He holds on to us! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh

  2. Oh Amen! I feel the same way–it’s only Jesus that has gotten me through, and HE has been so faithful! This sentence says it all: “but Jesus is mixed in with His grace, His love, His hope, joy, and faith – and that changes everything. . . . it has changed me and will continually changing me. . .” Thank the Lord for His beautiful grace. Blessings and love for your this week, dear Maryleigh!

    • Not just getting us through – but getting us through the challenges in a way helps us become stronger, better, more like Him. Blessings and love for you this week, too, Bettie! ~ Maryleigh

  3. Thank you for your transparency in this post. I still struggle with a lot of the things you did, especially the self-worth part. It’s always good to be reminded of Whose we are and Who we are in Christ Jesus. When we listen to that “still small voice saying, this is the way, walk in it”, we will be blessed abundantly.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • It is heart-breaking – there are too many who were raised in the church who are walking a lonely walk without Jesus right now! Connections so need to be made, real relationships to really water seeds planted left untended!

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