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    • The Joy of the Lord is my strength! Yes,Jennifer! What a good good Father we have! Shalom ~ Maryleigh

  1. Oh, Maryleigh, with tears welling up, I SO needed this this very day, this very morning. I forgot where my joy comes from and Who has it still. I forgot. (Those wells are beginning to overflow, my friend). Thank you for the beautiful poem, your words, your prayer, and for God’s precious Words embedded in your prayer. I want to read this again and again and copy those Scriptures into my journal.
    I love you so, ~ linda

    PS…I have no new post today so will not be linking up.

    • Linda, I’d been on a quest on how to live joy when those you love aren’t – and Claudette’s answer was balm to my soul. One of my boys stopped by and he seemed so bereft of joy – I’d started this post then with the things I’d wanted to say – and then this last week I was blue-deviled by little foxes tearing hard at the vine of my soul – in pressing in to God, he brought me back to what I’d started. I ended up writing to find my joy, too! Praying we both find and keep our joy this week! Love you sweet sister! ~ Maryleigh

  2. Maryleigh, I saw your IG post & had to stop by to read about where lost joy goes. Joy is my word for 2021, and Psalm 16:11 is one of my anchor verses. I have had to hold tight to the promise that joy is in God’s presence, and I must seek Him to find my “lost” joy. I, too, am walking a hard road with 2 of my three children that pains my mother’s heart and often challenges or steals my joy. Your post today and the sentence, “God will give him [her] more than Satan has taken,” is a balm to my soul, thank you for this encouragement today!

    • Donna, I had been on a quest to find how to live joy when those you love face hard challenges – Claudette’s answer was balm to my soul, too! Praying we both find our lost joy this week! May we not lose it! ~ Maryleigh

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Lauren! Praying you find much joy in your week! ~ Maryleigh

  3. Oh, I needed this tonight, Maryleigh. I sacrificed my joy over a situation this weekend. Granted, it was a disturbing circumstance, but God didn’t abandon all joy even in the midst of it. I need to reclaim my joy through it all and be grateful for the good that was in it!

    • Lisa, God always manages to redeem worthwhile things out of hard circumstances – and even allow us to walk joy out of it. What an amazing Father we have! Praying we live immersed in His joy this week – even in the hard!

    • Corinne, for some reason, last week seemed so hard for so many! It was for me. I leaned, leaned, leaned in to Him. I just wanted to curl beneath His wing and not come out! He’s such a good, good Father! He restored my joy! Praying Shalom and Joy in your week! ~ Maryleigh

    • Yes! It is amazing – and I have had to make myself stop feeling guilty about it! Shalom and Joy, Joanne! ~ Maryleigh

  4. Your title pulled me here to find the answer. Because we do lose our joy. I love that God is holding it for us, keeping it safe so he can return it to us. We can always find and have it again. (Love the photos)

    • Theresa – I have a picture of God standing there holding it, watching me, waiting patiently, compassionately for me to turn to Him, calling me quietly through my chaos until I hear Him. Sometimes, I think He’s exasperated amused. Sometimes, like His heart hurts realizing I have to learn, but He watches waiting! He’s such a good! good Father! Glad you love the butterflies! Capturing them on camera was a bucket list goal! Shalom and Joy! ~ Maryleigh

  5. Maryleigh, I loved your poem, and the truths you shared. You’re so right. God can always restore more than Satan takes. I’m so thankful for that. I love the word picture that God never leaves a deficit, even with joy. Thank goodness He holds our joy when we forget where we’ve left it. You’ve given me much to think on this week. Thank you!

    • I am so very thankful, too! What a merciful God we have who holds our joy for us when we misplace it! I love that visual! Shalom and Joy to you this week Jeanne! ~ Maryleigh

  6. I’m very much focused on joy this year because many of us have trouble finding it and living in it, and that’s something Christians may have a hard time admitting. Your poem is touching. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful and lovely words.

    • Realizing God wants me to live joy even in the hard gave me permission to try: “in your presence is fullness of joy.” It’s not always easy but it’s like running, the more I go to Him, spend time with Him, the easier it gets. The heart aches get easier to bear! Thanks for coming by Suzettte – praying we both find more joy in time spent with him in 2021!

    • Oh, Yes, Anita! He holds us, too, though we don’t feel it! Shalom and Peace in your week! ~ Maryleigh

  7. Maryleigh,
    At first I was held by your exquisite photos of the butterflies. You are such a gifted photographer, writer, mama of boys, and baker. Then I came back and read your words when I had time to drink them in. OH! So beautiful and refreshing. You’ve captured the anguish our souls endure when those we love or ourselves are lacking joy. Your poem, so personal yet all-embracing. Your readers could relate to what you were experiencing and their own personal loss of joy.
    Thank you for pointing us once again to the source of joy, our Lord, in the midst of even hard circumstances.
    I loved this piece!
    Love you,

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