When the Blue Devils Came — 32 Comments

  1. Such a life-changing perspective, “He gave me something else. Something that changed the filter of how my heart saw. . .and how my eyes saw . . . . He gave me these words: ‘What are you and I going to do today?’”

    And this is so rich, if I, “Go around with my Father, [I] will love people like He does, treat them like He does, be about His work. The faith of a child in their father is powerful and beautiful. When that Father is God – it is life-changing.”
    ~Lisa, Inspire Me Monday #17

    • The letting Him lead in the doing and the excitement of knowing He will take me somewhere worthwhile – maybe not easy, but worthwhile! Definitely better than caffeine!

  2. Thank you for sharing so openly & honestly Maryleigh. I love how our heavenly Father scoops us up & focus’ upon us as the only one in the universe! Wow, what an amazing God we have!
    My Father & I are off to fellowship with some beautiful sisters in the Lord this morning for morning tea & prayer time.
    A joy in my week! ☺️
    Bless you,

  3. Maryleigh, I love this so much. I did not have a term for the days I feel so low, but blue devil fits it well.

    Love the question, “What are you and I going to do next, Dad?”

    I’m going to be thinking about this for days …

    • Jerralea, Every time I ask, the colors of my world visibly bright! And I smile inside! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh

  4. Dear Maryleigh, yes, such a precious way to spend our days! And I love this statement too: “The faith of a child in their father is powerful and beautiful. When that Father is God – it is life-changing.” Oh may I cling to Him in that trust also!

    • The faith of a child is definitely not just for children – maybe we need it more! Praying for you during this season of big change and in the transition of it!

  5. Maryleigh, even if it is thought by some to be a childish response, I want to embrace this more and more each day. I’ll be thinking on this today >> “Even in the waste places, you bring the comfort.” Even in the waste places, He brings productivity because He is always at work!

    • He wastes nothing, does He Joanne – if we invited Him in to it! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles in the ash-pile—thank you for your timely reminder. I had a rough month, too, even though family surrounded me. As a parent of adults, it’s hard to not feel rejected when our children reject the way we raised them. God is helping me work it out—being in nature helps!

    • I’ve found adult parenting much more challenging – but I’ve realized God’s got the answers, the plan – and I have to trust Him – the letting go and letting God. It’s hard to be hands off and hands up! Being in nature does make a difference!

  7. Maryleigh, thank you so much for sharing! I have been “blue-deviled” a bit lately myself, too proud to admit it. I love the way you approach God and the question of “what are we going to do today?” tickles me and fuels me with encouragement too!

    • Donna, “What are we doing today, God” seems to change the filter on how I see everything around me – the color, the vibrancy – and joy! And the blue devils evaporate!

  8. I love this phrase you used–hands off and hands up! What a perfect way to soak up the Lord’s presence. Thank you for the reminder to ask God what’s in store for today. Thank you for the transparency in your post.

    • Lisa, I’m learning to change patterns of behavior in this hands-off-hands-up living! So glad you came by! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

    • I’m going to do a grace just so I can have the tangible, visible feel of pulling them out one by one – what a terrific woman’s night project that would be – to have women bring their own jars and do that! I loved your post on it!

  9. –>When I wake up, I ask, “What are you and I going to do today, God?”

    Wow, how different our days might be if we started each day asking that? Great post, Merileigh!

    • And how different we might see what we do in that day! That maybe the little things are more important than we think!

  10. Your words are exactly what I needed to read today. I have been having a case of the blue devils myself recently. Thank you for pointing me back to the Father with your question, “What are you and I going to do today?”

  11. “I was in a tug of war – only, really, I was the one in charge of the rope pulling. Choices. Choices on what I’d ponder on.” – Took me a while to learn that I had a choice too.

    ““What are you and I going to do today, God?” – that will be my new question now to help fix my perspective. Thank you for this post x

    • Wemi – it is a question that has brought an excitement to my day and pulled me out of those blues! Shalom to your week! ~ Maryleigh

  12. What a blessing this post has been. I’m reading again for the second (maybe the third or fourth) time…and I have asked myself often, as well, “what are you and I going to do today, God?” I’m a slow learner too:) but what a help this has been!! Thanks much. Hope you are having a blessed week!!

  13. Oh! Thank you for sharing this beautiful post! It is an answer to my prayer as I deal with my own issues! Yes, LORD, what are You and I doing today? Love it!

  14. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing so openly and honestly. I know only too well what that struggle with the blue devils feels like. I too am going to start asking, “What are you and I going to do today, LORD?”

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