when blessing is invited to the table — 12 Comments

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  2. What a wonderful post! I love the way you wove the stories and, yes, how wonderful it is to offer hospitality to those who come our way. I wonder how many times, through the years, each one of us has entertained angels unawares. And, how many times have we missed out on that gift and opportunity because we were too busy, or we felt like what we had to offer was not good enough? God will take whatever we have, however small and insignificant it may be, and it will be good enough for Him. Thanks for reminding me of that truth!

  3. I loved this so much! At first, I thought the old man sitting there looking down the road was the Father of the Prodigal Son. You did an awesome job bringing these stories to life. Your point is well taken: hospitality may open the door to the destiny God has planned for you.

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  7. I love how you weave the challenge of hospitality with the story of Abraham. It took me a few paragraphs to recognize Abraham’s story! Good story-telling and good truth here!

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