When a Miracle Shakes Up the Everyday Ordinary — 9 Comments

  1. I wish I could say that I am not familiar with the kind of soul war you experienced, but I CAN say how grateful I am for the rescue that halts the slide into darkness, the truth that can crowd out lies IF I give it half a chance.

  2. Maryleigh, “An answered prayer doesn’t mean the challenge is over. Sometimes it heralds another season of growth, blooming, harvesting.” So true and yet, how amazing our God answers along the way. Prayed for you this morning.

  3. ‘All is well,’ said the girl. ‘Because my Lord said so.’ Love this! Because that is actually the root of our life in Christ. Do we believe that? Or not?

    I’ll be so interested to read about your miracle when you are ready to share!

  4. For some reason, just seeing that passage in Kings took my breath away, Maryleigh. I’ll be checking it out.

    And yes, I’ve seen a miracle or two in my day. I’m looking for more.

  5. Beautiful Dear Sister! All is well because HE said so! Your beautiful praising brought tears to my eyes and fills my soul up with praise to Him with you. May the Lord shower you with grace as you hold the hot potato of His glorious miracle moving moments!

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