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    • There’s so much to say about what you’ve written – from the boy-mum-only who pursues God. There is a difference in raising boys to men to lead, be heroes, warriors. It takes a different kind of strength – and a different kind of shepherding. Thankful that God is always stronger and shepherds better.

    • Thank you, Joanne! Praying that they remember how God held back the rain! Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  1. Oh, my! I felt your “On, my!” right through your beautiful words and photos. I especially am so touched by “They brought who they are to write about who they see I am. It was grace, it was laughter, it was thoughtful kindness. . . . it was an unexpected, priceless gift.” and “Author Bios for me written one by each son and their sweet girls. She’d organized it all. She’s the big sister they all never had. She makes our family so much more!” and “suddenly, I was a mom surrounded by girls – brought home by these boys.” and “God gave me time to read each author bio out loud, amidst much laughter and, oh, my! My heart, friends!”
    I love how God gave you five boys and now you have girls too, making your family “so much more.” God is so good! Our Invisible God gives so much more than we can see. Oh, that our eyes would be open to see His grace and beauty and mercy spread throughout our lives.
    Loving you, Maryleigh.

    • Oh, Yes! Linda – you say it so well, “Our invisible God gives so much more than we can see.” Praying that those on Saturday – that their eyes saw God’s God’s grace and gifts! For me, it was an evening of exceptional blessing – and God’s hand was on all of it! Shalom and love dear friend!

    • My daughter-in-law did a delicious, beautiful job with those cakes! So glad you enjoyed! Shalom!

    • Thank you, Lauren! These boys and their girls have their very own special brand of charm! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh

  2. A truly beautiful post Maryleigh! I love your setting.

    I’m the Mum of daughters & stepdaughters, so we have had lots of girly times together over the years.
    And I have beautiful granddaughters who I enjoy precious time with too.

    And I enjoy times with my son-in-laws & my grandson’s who all complete our family in their unique guy ways.
    We are about to welcome two more to our family, a new grandson-in-law & a new son-in-law!💕

    • God has such beautiful plans in store for our families! I am fairly new to Girly Times – but am enjoying every minute of it! Love my Boy Time, too! Blessings to you as your family expands! Shalom, Maryleigh

  3. I loved this! I love how God’s grace notes play out in our lives. I’m thankful for the boys our girls brought home! They help out with mechanical things when I’m traveling solo and give my husband much-needed man time 😊.

    • These girls bring something so sweetly beautiful. Maybe as a mom of boys-only, I feel the value of it more than if I’d had a daughter to go with all these boys. These girls soften the edges of us all. What sweet girls God gave you, too!

  4. That table setting and cake is so pretty! What a blessed day for all of you! I became a grandmother much soon than I expected, but what an unexpected blessing she became. God knows what we need!

    • So glad God knows what we need because so very often, we don’t! It was a week of unexpected blessings – God planned! Those grandbabies are such blessings – they really do add a huge measure of joy and vitality! Shalom, Lynn! ~ Maryleigh

  5. Awww, Maryleigh. This post . . . your boys love you well, and that is such a gift! I love how God has added girls to your family too. With my two boys being in their late teens, I’m not in a big hurry for them to add girls quite yet, but I look forward to seeing who God matches them with. I love how they celebrated you so well, and how God kept the rain away. Isn’t He so sweet?!

    • Our seasons are so very different. The boy-mom journey, though, is so filled with blessings, stretching, heart-openings to God. Our God who can control the winds, the thrones of the world, the battlefields and its soldiers – such a mighty powerful God who is also incredibly tender with His children. Last week was a tender week.

  6. Oh Maryleigh, I love the gifts that God gave to you this Birthday Season, and the way that He showed you the hidden gifts that truly touched your heart. What a double blessing from Him!

  7. What a blessing for your daughter-in-law to pull that together for you! The intention alone was a wonderful gift, but how special to get to read all the things too. 🙂 Beautiful post, Maryleigh.

    • I think those cards are one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever received! My DIL is just pure love! So glad you enjoyed the story along with me! ~ Maryleigh

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