Dare to Trust to Hope — 14 Comments

    • I am glad I slowed down, got on my knees to not only take the photos but to absorb the story working its way into my heart as that Hermit Crab dealt with his challenge! Everything contains a God story designed to encourage!

  1. Maryleigh, I know you wrote this JUST FOR ME!! Just this morning as I drove home from running errands, I spoke out loud to God that I needed to trust in Him and not people, things, ways. I apologized to Him for my self-neediness and being lost in this dark world. I asked Him…just this morning, a couple of hours ago, to take my hand and lead me in only His way. Thank you, God, for placing Maryleigh, her words, Your Word, in my path to show me afresh. Praising Him in all ways, including you, sweet friend. Thank you for praying for me as I lean into Him, the One Who knows the hairs on my head.
    loving you, ~ linda

    • Oh, friend, I hear the light in your voice, the trust to hope! Praise God – He knows your beautiful love for Him. He heard your cry! Love you, my friend! ~ Maryleigh

  2. Beautiful encouragement, Maryleigh! Our hope must be built on God Himself. He is the One who is faithful and true. He is the One who never lets His people go. His grip on us is firm and sure!

  3. Great story of the hermit crab. Hope can seem difficult, but when our hope is in Christ we can be sure of it. What a HOPEFUL and encouraging word this week!

    • When that crab started reaching out for a solution, he had no idea that piece of black plastic was there. He reached out knowing a way would be made. That impacted me – the faith of a Hermit Crab!

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