The Surrender in Abiding — 6 Comments

  1. Somehow I have missed the news about Bettie’s book. Thank you for mingling its story so beautifully with your own. I think we’re all being carried by grace in this journey of “impossible surrender.”

  2. Oh Maryleigh, this surrendering is a life-long process, isn’t it? Thank you so much for your gracious words and loving friendship. I pray for us both on this pathway with Him. May we know His fellowship more deeply and sweetly each day. Love & hugs dear sister.

  3. Maryleigh, I’m so happy you shared Betty’s inspiring book. I missed it. I’ll definately be checking her book out. Thank you for this heartfelt encouraging message.
    Linking up at #4 coming to you today from my new website)

  4. Oh, hwo blessed I was to come here this morning and see your words about dear Bettie’s book! Bettie’s life, friendship, story, blog, and book have been such an immeasurable blessing to me, also. I keep her book right beside my bed, and I pick it up when I need to. The thing with Bettie is that she lives the life, she backs up her words, and she is so real. I am so thankful for her and for you, too, sweet friend. I appreciate your writing so much. May God bless you today! Shalom, Shalom!

  5. Maryleigh, thank you for sharing about Bettie’s book. I’ve found that sometimes surrender is a moment-by-moment choosing to leave those things which I care about most in my Father’s capable hands. The choice can be difficult, but I’m always more at peace when I do this. Bettie’s book sounds like a thoughtful read!

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