The Lamb who Thought He Didn’t Need a Shepherd — 20 Comments

    • God always gives me an unplanned, special photo – a photo not from my expectations – but his generosity! This was one of those gifts!

  1. “God will show me the way to love His lost lambs, to press in to know them, to learn their stories, and to be the hands and feet of our Lord and Savior, to not give up, though the lost lambs would have me give up.” Maryleigh, this beautifully expresses the heart of our God. Praying He will show me the way too!

    • With those we already love – and those we don’t even know yet! The one thing I do know – is we are called to just plain love! God will take care of the rest! But I want to know how He wants me to reach the ones I don’t even know yet! Praying with you Joanne! ~ Shalom friend! Maryleigh

  2. Oh such precious and beautiful thoughts here today! As my own post this week speaks of every breath counting, your words here of every lamb being loved is such a sweet confirmation from the Lord. Truly His love goes so much farther than our fickle and easily distracted “love.” And yet, He wants to give us His own love. What grace! Thank you for these words of encouragement this morning. Blessings and love to you this!

    • And when He gives us that love, He wants us to share it, pour it, give it – and like the widow’s jars – as long as we have souls to pour His love into, we will never run out! I love our community Bettie – and how we encourage each other, pour into each other, so we can pour into others better! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh

  3. OH MY! This is so powerful and has so touched me. I have done a number of shepherd/sheep posts on my blog yet this one is like I needed the lessons ALL OVER AGAIN! I love this and the way you describe this lost lamb. I must admit you gave me some chuckles, some “Oh dear, that is/was me!” moments, some reminders of ways I need to be, to pray, to love. Thank you, Maryleigh. I feel so encouraged and uplifted. I l;love you, ~ linda

    • I have been wrestling with how to do this post for a few months – when I sat down to write it, it turned into a lamb story – a lamb thinking he can live the 23 Psalm in his own power. . . . if we just wait for the lost lambs to come sit in church pews the shepherds lost lambs won’t be found – because no one would gone out looking – just waiting for it/them to come. Maybe you know/love a lost lamb but that lost lamb needs more than you to carry him home. . . . – Thank you Linda – I wasn’t sure I could get across what was in my heart – I am so glad you see it! Love you back, Maryleigh

  4. I’m so thankful the shepherd doesn’t give up on us, doesn’t say, “Well, they deserve whatever they get out there” or “They’re too far gone.” He lovingly pursues us. We need to let Him use us in the search as well.

    • You are so right Barbara – He is a worthy King, a worthy Father, a worthy everything. It is humbling that He never gives up on us – in our faltering faithfulness, our imperfect love and ways! I so need to love so much better – both Him and His lost lambs!

  5. I enjoyed this, I’d never really considered that the lamb might be unwilling before or likened it to how we should persevere with those not saved. Thank you for this post. I’m also grateful God doesn’t give up on us.

    • I am so grateful, too, God does not give up on us! So glad the Shepherd pursues us! Blessings in your week, Wemi! ~ Maryleigh

  6. Lovely post Maryleigh. Having been a Woolgrower (shepherdess) here in Australia in my lifetime. Sheep & lambs are special, I love how the Lord has used them in His analogies to us.
    Bless you,

    • That is exciting – to be a shepherdess! What a sweet connection you have to our Lord’s analogies! I want to hear more about your wool growing experience! Blessings to you, too! ~ Maryleigh

  7. What a beautiful re-cap and insights from such a powerful Biblical passage! I love the hymn In Tenderness which has a lot of shepherding terms of being brought back to His flock. I love Psalm 23 for all its shepherding metaphors too. One of my favorite books is A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, which I have been slowly re-capping on my blog. I will link my latest post in my name, if interested. It has been a great comfort to my heart to remember His tender care for me as the Good Shepherd!

    • What an amazing shepherd we have – He is tender, He pursues us, sees to our needs – and is long-suffering yet determined when his sheep wander. We have a good! Good Father! Thanks for linking your post about the Good Shepherd! It is pursuing lost sheep season! ~ Maryleigh

  8. I adore lambs, so when I saw your link at Tell His Story, I HAD to come by. What terrific insights you share here! I am joining the Remember Me link-up for the first time. I am remembering the amazing mother-in-law God gave me.

    Patti @ Clothed with Joy

    • I am so glad you’ve come, Patti! I am looking forward to reading about your MIL! Praying God’s Shalom into your week! ~ Maryleigh

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