The King who Sees and Knows — 7 Comments

  1. Just finished studying for Romans 8 SS class, verse 29 and how we are chosen— another word for known to those who have access to the biblical languages. Now your thoughts here on his knowledge of us. What precious truth!

  2. What a beautiful reflection on all the different ways God is present in our lives. He truly is our all-in-all. But all too often I want him to be one thing, but not everything :(.

  3. Maryleigh, this was just beautiful, and encouraging, and deeply comforting to me this afternoon. “I am a King, he says, good and true, who sees and knows the deeds of me and you.“Hold on to me,” he says. “I never let go.” So grateful He is ever holding onto both you and me!

  4. Wow, Maryleigh! I’ve never heard or even thought of reading the Bible starting at Revelation! You’ve given me a bit of cause for pause this evening … thank you!

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