The Grace of June — 15 Comments

  1. What a beautiful family, Maryleigh! And your Junebug sounds like a precious firecracker! This sounds like good advice for people of all ages – just show up! “She taught me….not because she invited me, but because I showed up.”

    • I don’t know if she was quiet because she was shy or an introvert. She needed someone to show up, but then, maybe she needed to show up sometimes, too – and she just didn’t know how.

  2. I love hearing about your June–she sounds like she was quite a character. I probably wouldn’t have had your courage to press in with her, and I would have missed out. Thanks for sharing this, Maryleigh!

    • I grew up with my grandmother, so I think that gave me the courage to press in. I treated her with the playfulness I used with my grandmother. A little humor often breaks the ice at just the right moment.

  3. Maryleigh, I loved this post! “Just show up” is something my husband says often. We all need a “June” in our lives to bring a few priceless lessons. “Sometimes, the only way to build a relationship is to show up, be determined, and keep on showing up.”

    • If we only show up for the “easy to show up for,” we risk not meeting our God-designed potential. There are so many dimensions to how God grows us!

  4. For sure, Maryleigh, you’ve said this well. June sure was a show-up, celebrate, spend a whole lot of time with family month. I loved every minute of it. So many memories made, prayers answered, laughter and joy. My cup overflows. And I need another nap …

    • Naps are under-rated! I loved my June, but then I need a restful July. . . I’m walking in faith on that!

  5. Maryleigh, I’m so glad your June overflowed your cup with sweet memories, relationships solidified and memories pondered. I love what you shared about Grandma June. You’re right. Sometimes, if we want relationship with someone, we need to be the ones to show up and invite (invite ourselves) into their lives. It sounds like she was a special lady!

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