The Effects of the Wind — 13 Comments

  1. Maryleigh, this is a lovely and encouraging post. We can learn so much from watching nature. The Billy Graham quote is a gem, one I am writing down to remember. May we trust that our God is at work even when we cannot see what He is doing. Blessings!

    • Trusting along with you that God is doing all things, working all things even when we cannot see! Shalom, Joanne! ~ Maryleigh

  2. God has this all under His beautiful Hands just as He has us. He can see the finished side of the bird dance as well as our lives, all woven together. I just love how you weave words, your photographs of those exact beautiful birds, and words atop those photographs that tell of God. So fine, Maryleigh. I have missed coming here these past few weeks.

    • I have missed being here the past few weeks – I had to slow down, find the stillness – and breath. I had no words. I never managed to get my kitchen straight. I finally pulled my big camera out with the snow. I tried to be intentional with those who came through my kitchen door. When it came to writing, I just felt God say, “Not right now” – and I had to let go and trust. Still feeling tired and worn from the Holidays and Birthdays – but I’m finding that stillness with God I so very much need!

  3. I loved this little object lesson, and it’s one I’ll remember as I watch the birds at my feeder each day. Thanks for sharing at Scripture and a Snapshot!

    • The birds seem to tell a new story every day! Enjoy your birds! Thanks so much for coming by, Kym! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

  4. I am also a beneficiary of the grace that comes when we gather. And I have missed reading your words here, but I am also glad we were both immersed in the world of our families! Happy 2022 to you!

    • I have missed being here – but I have so enjoyed my family! I cannot express the warmth and love they have left in my heart this season! Happy 2022 to you!

  5. the birds here made made me smile this morning, Maryleigh … we’ve had 5 deer wandering around in the woods today … it’s rare to see even one ’round these parts. God’s creation is splendid and provides us with so many lessons for life and spiritual growth. i’m so grateful.

  6. So lovely Maryleigh-I love watching the birds, I think they have so much to teach us! They never seem to worry so they? Even in a big snow they seem secure. That’s lesson enough for me to learn!

  7. I read somewhere that if we were to eat the equivalent of a hummingbird’s metabolism, we’d need to drink a can of Coke every hour. Birds are so fascinating. I’m grateful that God cares for us even more than for the birds (and he cares for the birds a lot).

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