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  1. And this is why I’m seriously thinking about Homeschooling.

    Let me be clear… I LOVE TEACHERS (many of them in my family) but they are so limited in what they can/should do in educating a child…

  2. The problems in the education system mean it is all the more important for me to be educating at home as much as I can before I let them get hold of my impressionable son next year. Then I need to keep educating him and encourage him to make wise decisions about what he is taught at school. Home schooling looks sooo good!

  3. This is a great post! As a teacher, it is very hard to have to worry about what we say and do in the classroom and if we are crossing the lines. My students say I could be a preacher! I teach 7th & 8th and I am always stopping and giving them a “life lesson sermon” about manners, respect, friendship, peer pressure, and many other character traits.

  4. I’m uncomfortable with the idea of fitting people for their future stations. It sounds too much like putting people in a social class and keeping them there.

    • I do concede your point about social class; however, when I read that, I was thinking about training them for jobs–In 1828, children often began learning a trade that would “fit” them into a place in society–or rather, give them a place to provide for their families. They apprenticed to be silversmiths, farmers, surveyers, blacksmiths–and in turn, that gave them independence through job training. Too many of our young adults come out of high school with no training for jobs to support themselves, whereas in 1828, a 17 or 18 year old male was quite independent and probably had skill at a trade.

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to miss seeing you around in the Fall!

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