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  1. I love this. I have a plant that I bought nearly 20 years ago during my first week of college. It stayed with me through college, went away to grad school with me, and has then been on every desk of every job I’ve worked at. Well, a little sprig of it has, since it’s easy to cut off a piece and sprout a new plant. It’s mind boggling all the places that plant has been 🙂

  2. such a great story! my mom made my sister and i matching full-sized quilts as kids, and it went all the way to college with me. it’s now in a keepsake box since it’s pretty much tread-bare now.

  3. Wow! That is so sweet that it has been passed around to so many people in your family. I bet that blanket could tell a lot of stories. 🙂

  4. I love the story of the blue blanket! It’s a wonderful one!

    Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you’ll do the same.

  5. Beautiful story of the blue blanket! Reminds of the blue and white checked blanket my mom made for my youngest brother. He’s 40 this year and still has it!

    Sreading the comment love via SITS!


  6. This is so beautiful. I had a knot in my throat the whole time I was reading. So special and lovely that it has been handed down and is so loved.

    (I came by way of SITS and really enjoyed your blog!)

  7. It’s the simple things that make you smile and this is definitely one of them. What a treasure!

    Stopped by from SITS to say hello.

  8. What a wonderful story. How wonderful your son took the blanket to college and kind of sad (but expected) that he left it behind when he got married. He will start a new blanket story in his new married life.

    I was just snuggling with m 2 y/o son a bit ago knowing that one day he won’t let me kiss him all over his face like I do now. I am going to try and kiss him as much as possible until that day happens!

  9. Dear ML,

    I’m current again, having read up the posts I’ve missed, up to Saturday, Nov.21. But I’m commenting here because I loved the story of the blue cotton blanket. I guess this is where you get the title for your blog…blue cotton memory. From Cobalt Blue…to faded blue… so many years sandwiched in between its layers, so much love woven into it… I love how you have kept its memory alive in your heart.

    And your artist son, now springing into life and action, taking his dream another level higher…and walking up the road where his destiny unfolds with each step! Those fuzzy pompoms, folded colored paper, love notes, even dreams of an ice cream store… they are all pieces of the dream that God put in his heart. And you are the caretaker of that artist, the one given the job description to make sure the enemy never steals that dream away…

    I have a song bird that sings, warbles its morning call right outside my window, every morning, at 5:15 a.m. on the dot. What a joyful sound…yes, these beautiful sounds that God created to speak joy to our travel weary hearts and lift us up, encouraging us, spurring us on!

    But I have to agree with you that there are times when the sound of silence is the best sound of all…in my grieving moments after my husband’s death, exactly a year ago today, it was the people who said nothing at all, but simply touched my hand, or sat with me in silence…they were the ones who comforted me the most.

    And you know, God has done that for me so often this year. Not saying anything at all, but just letting me feel His presence, that is what I would call “an eternal moment” when I knew God was in the room with me, in holy quiet, nothing being said, just the sense of His love.

    You have stirred my heart again this morning, dear Maryleigh. And today my heart is soft for it is the first year anniversary of Ernie’s homegoing. My friend, in your extra in between time, may I invite you to visit me and read my heart in my two recent posts: I Will Testify to Love (November 22) and In Qiuetness and Confidence (November 19)? Your visits bring such a delight, you know.

    I will end here, though in doing so, I leave so much unsaid. You are such a blessing…you are an artist who paints with words!


    Or that

    • Hi Lidj,

      I realize this is a very late response, but I wanted you to know that the inspiration for my blog was not the blue cotton blanket, but a poem I wrote as my grandmother who raised me struggled with dementia. Everytime I would leave her house, and the front door would slap shut, I would just so miss her, not wanting to leave her. Everything in her house told a story, held a memory of all the children she raised. She had such a mighty spirit bound in such a frail body. When she died, her spirit was freed to soar. Not only in her loneliness, but sometimes in mine, I wrap myself in memories and they warm me like a quilt – hence, blue cotton memory (since I have all these boys – blue seemed appropriate). You can find the poem here:

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  13. Such a beautiful, heart-warming story. It conveyed the strength of your family ties. When I read the bit about your son leaving the blanket behind when he got married, it was sad, yet healthy – a symbol of him starting a new family, yet in returning the blanket to you, I wonder if it became a source of comfort to you in his absence because your son used it for so long.

  14. Wow, now that’s a sturdy blanket! I love how paying attention to the things around us can lead us down such lovely trails. Thanks for linking with #SmallWonder 🙂

  15. What a sweet post. It made me smile. We have a few of those blankets from my husband’s childhood. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Maryleigh,
    What a beautiful story told through a fading blue blanket…so precious the memories for you and your boys…such a blessing 🙂 Thinking of you fondly and our time at JT 🙂

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    • Writing it in 2009 was a nostaligic hug! The one who stole my blanket married that year! Thanks so much for coming by! Shalom ~ Maryleigh

  18. What a lovely, touching post. You write so beautifully I could just sit here all day reading one after another.
    My granddaughter had a blanket like that, only she took hers with her even when she got married, and now it’s wrapped around her little boy.

    • Sandra, What color is the blanket your granddaughter had? It’s part of a beautiful story now! Boys love blankets – I think blankets go straight to their hearts! It sounds like we have similar stories that touch our hearts! This is one of my top 10 favorites – I am so glad you enjoyed it, too! ~ Maryleigh

  19. Absolutely love that story. Reminded me of some of the things with my kids that they clung to. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment so I could come enjoy your blog.

    • The stories with those things our children clung to can be precious indeed! Thanks so much for coming by!

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