The Blessings He Left for Me to Find — 12 Comments

    • The beautiful little things that season goodness throughout our story! What are some of your blessings He’s sprinkled throughout your day, Barbara? ~ Maryleigh

    • Maybe the key is faith like a child – to believe to know that a tiny rivulet from a thundershower or a flight of geese, or even a cardinal darting out in front of my car as though to say, “Follow me” – believing to know they are from Him to bring me joy or comfort – respite.

  1. Dear Maryleigh,
    What precious poetry here today! I love the way that you saw God’s gifts scattered throughout your moments. And this phrase brought such sweet memories today, as I’m missing my grown sons, one of which is across the continent in Alaska with his family!

    “smiles across the kitchen counter
    quips only sons
    can give with smiling cheek”

    It is such a blessing to remember those sweet moments from the past, and offer them as thanksgiving to God even now. Blessings to you in this new week!

    • Alaska! Oh, that’s so very far away! I think I would threaten to come spend months at a time with them if they didn’t move closer (LOL). Those cheeky quips are priceless to boy moms! They’re filled with a bunch of unrealized love! Sending Boy Mom {{{HUGS}}} your way! ~ Maryleigh

    • One morning, Lauren – I saw the hind legs of a deer dashing over a fence on the way to the bakery – just as the sun was greying up the morning – and somehow, that’s a God-moment, too! Thanks so much for stopping by! ~ Maryleigh

    • Thank you Jennifer! Poetry and I go back about 50 years! I’ve loved it since I could write. LOL Shalom ~ Maryleigh

    • I am so glad you found God’s blessing – and in the grocery store! They are all places we slow to find! Wishing you much blessing – will be by soon!

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