The Blessing of the Everyday Ordinary: Chicken, Pancetta, Lemon and Garlic Pasta — 5 Comments

  1. Jan 2017 I was looking forward to getting a knee replacement since I could hardly walk when it was revealed I needed heart surgery first, double bypass. Recovery took as long as they said it would and by Nov. of same year I got my new knee, and it took as long as they said it would. All that to say, I get this new normal living. I am back to somewhat normal only two years older, 72 which does make a difference. The knee doctor ask me what my expectation were for my knee. I told him I would be happy to get back to getting around like I was 65-66 year old. It worked and I finally got back to the pool, can cook almost as good as I did before. One of the normal I enjoyed before was clear thinking, its coming back, but not normal yet. I have changed my schedule to fit my new normal. Thank God my family is behind my new normal, they want me around for along time. Love your attitude toward all you have been through. God’s grace was in every detail of my life, then and now too. Blessings.

    • Oh, my friend! How we could sit long and talk much! So glad you are doing better – adjusting, knowing when to move forward and when to settle into peace. We have been in a journey of miracles, but I have just been the companion, the support, the caretaker – and am awed by the amazing work God has done – to set up the miracles and work out the miracles. I am still processing – and adjusting – everyday seems like a new normal. Blessings to you sweet warrior!

  2. Oh I loved this post. LOVED it – except the pudding recipe is missing (*ahem*). I know, I know – look it up! I’m sure it’s on here somewhere and I will find it. The “eyeing” when the wafers were missing… was he the guilty one? Darling, you are such an incredible writer and your words bring me into your amazing family. You bless me, especially with your wonderful words of God’s Wisdom! Love you NAN p.s. I AM making this chicken recipe – too bad it’s 2:00 a.m. or I’d do it now!

    • Nan, you are going to be so disappointed about the pudding. Keith’s mom used instant vanilla pudding – and so, because it needs to be just like his mom’s, I used instant vanilla pudding. No shame there! LOL And, of course, he was the guilty one! They’re all guilty. I probably was, too! LOL

      • My mom used to make from non-instant then discovered instant is just as yummy and no one noticed when she switched it out! I loved this post. Everyday Ordinary is truly miraculous!

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