The Blessing in the WaterFalls — 8 Comments

    • Thank you Lauren! I think it’s the vintaged blessings He gives – that’s the beauty! Remembering Him on Mondays makes a difference for my week!!!

  1. Maryleigh, what a beautiful story of God’s small beginnings and your determination to take them. They have led you to some of the places you want to be. And they will lead you to more.
    Encouragement and beauty are all found in this writing. I’m so thankful I stopped by today as I struggle with beginnings of a different kind in my life at the moment. It gave me courage to take these steps and look at where they will bring me one day. Not just grit my teeth and bear it along the journey.
    I would like to give thanks for my hubby who is helping me on this journey and for the miracles God is doing along the way. His hand is quite visible.

    • Praising God with you!!! I get it – learning how to stop living a grit-and-bear it mentality, but a lean-in-to-Him and Rest-in-Him mentality. Sometimes it is so hard to stop gritting and just rest in Him! Praising God that He helps us! Shalom, Janis! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    • The small beginnings are one of my favorite scriptures – it’s taught me that in the small, seemingly inconsequential places is where some of the most important parts of living are! Those two miles were a huge step for me! Thanks so much for coming by Susan! ~ Shalom!

  2. ‘I was searching for creeks and my Father gave me waterfalls!’

    Um … wow, Maryleigh. Thanks for the gentle nudge to pray big, to pray bold, to pray that HIS will be done in those huge and small details of our lives.

    Bless you.

    • I’ve been turning over and over what He’s meant by that day – and yes! I think He wants me to be bolder, more confident in what I ask – that’s been something hard for me to learn – how to live with a generous father! After reading your comment, I’m wondering, though, if He’s telling me that when He asks me to find the creeks – and I obediently look for the creeks, that He will give me the waterfalls for my obedience. Between you and me, I have two messages of blessing from this! Thank you, Linda, for always opening my eyes to more of what He says! Hope you are doing well and are thriving in this upside down season! ~ Bless you,too! ~ Maryleigh

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