Muddy’s Chicken Noodle Soup — 15 Comments

  1. Great post! Thanks for the reccomendations and warnings. The soup sounds yummy. Will have to give it a try. Hope everyone is feeling better and up and running again. Glad to finally be able to visit and comment again!!! Hope the problem is permanently fixed. Have a beautiful day!

  2. I’m glad all your family didn’t get sick. The soup sounds very yummy. I like the celery idea. My daughter won’t eat it.

    Thanks for sharing the symptoms. we have colds and allergy problems and asthma here. It’s hard to tell who has what most of the time.

  3. I’m trying your recipe tonight! Tamiflu has been started for my 9-year-old. I hope she and the rest of the family that isnt sick likes it as much as I will. Thanks!

  4. I ran as fast as I could to the store to get a few items I did not want to take the time to thaw, its simmering on the stove as I type…I am very excited to test it out later, thank you for sharing.

    • You don’t have to thaw. You would want to if you were making the meat the star of the dish, but within the soup, its just a minor side item. My guys love the pasta and broth. They use straws to get the very last bite! If you don’t have celery, use celery salt! Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by Blue Cotton Bistro! LOL

  5. I wanted to make the soup fast, so I used chicken tenders, since I had 7 kids to feed in less then 2 hours (confrence week I had a friends kids too)
    ALL of the kids loved the soup, my hubby who is not a true soup fan loved it. I had just enough left overs to have a bowl the next day and it was still wonderful. This will become a family faorite for sure!!!

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