Surrendering the Box I’d Put Myself in — 20 Comments

  1. God is always in the business of wooing me out of my comfort zone. It’s always a “fight or flight” feeling, but SO worth sticking around for. I love your story!

    • Wooing sounds so gentle – He is the soul whisperer. You are so right! It is worth sticking around for!

    • Joanne, it wasn’t a story of me at my best – but it was a story is part of God’s work in my life! Yes! May we always hunger for more – because there is more of Him than we can imagine!

  2. Maryleigh, my heartbeat, and breathing are faster now than when I began reading this beautiful post. I know I am in a box and about to make a huge move for a widow woman of 73. I, too, will need to find a new church. I have lifted my hands in praise even in a Baptist church where few are lifting them. Yet I did because I beheld Him and desired to worship and praise in this way…sometimes. Yes, it was only on certain Sunday mornings when I was so moved by the set of music we sang in preparation for the coming sermon. But my box feels different than just lifting hands. I have so much to learn about our Savior, like you. I am in a fearful box, a box that brings tears right this instant as I type. I am not sure exactly what it all is. But I want to know. Thank you for this piece…even though some major new, unknown (right now) buttons are being pushed.
    Also, Maryleigh, I think we need to write that book together for your prayers are absolutely beautiful. This one today is moving me so. I shall be rereading it today and tomorrow. I have much journaling and pondering and praying to do.
    I love you dearly and ask for prayer for me, sweet sister.

    • Linda – God is a God of movement – and in order to find the more in Him – we need to continually be willing to move. That you are following His call – and making this Big Move! Oh My Friend, He has good! Good Plans in store for you. He has life and life abundantly. Keep Moving,friend! And that prayer book? I will be your biggest cheerleader – I want your book on my shelf! ~ Messaging you, friend further. ~ Maryleigh

  3. I love the patience and gentle leading of God, loving us where we are until we are ready to give up that last bit of control in order to trust him fully. What a beautiful testimony.

    • I am grateful for a patient and gentle leading God, Kym. He is such a good Father and a good! Good God!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Jennifer, and “listening” to my story! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

  4. Whew, I was right there with you, Maryleigh! I went from a very zipped-up conservative church for 50 years into a hand-raising, praise loudly church. And I love it. 🙂 That’s where we’ve stayed.

    • There’s so much more to God, Lisa – and we both want to find it all! So glad to be sharing this journey with you! ~ Maryleigh

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