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  1. What a beautiful reflection. I eyes misted over as I read – I only began my motherhood journey in 2011 but I think it is wonderful that you can look back and see God’s hand in everything – steadying you during hard times and thrilling you with joy over His many blessings. Our God is so faithful – wish I could shout it from the rooftops! I think the power of testimony is so important – no matter how ordinary our lives seem, in the hands of our God it is able to uplift and soften other hearts to draw closer to Him and help those who need a boost.

    • I like how you say, “steadying you during the hard times and thrilling you with joy” – I’ll shout with you on that rooftop! Our God is a steadying, thrilling God who never let’s go – and He’s got the plan! Welcome to this motherhood journey – you will become more than you every imagined!

      • Thankyou for your encouragement xo. I am so hard on myself when I evaluate my parenting, but then I see my son thriving and singing at every opportunity and I know it’s going well :). Being a mum is so motivating because it makes me want to try new outings and experiences for my son’s sake. Did you find the same when your kids were little? It’s fun planning things for them isn’t it :).

        • I tried things I never imagined – science museums, art projects, net-working for socialization. Luckily, God let’s us grow into motherhood, one year at a time. My oldest son tells me I’ve been too easy on the others – He tells the others he was the guinea pig. I just roll my eyes and laugh that I learned that I learned more appropriate expectations for the others through him. One example – no – 2 year olds cannot make their own beds by themselves. Nothing is wasted in motherhood because everything teaches us something! I learned that boys have the best humor -there is nothing more entertaining that the boys in a humor groove – like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby! 🙂

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, reading of God’s faithfulness in your life these last years. Oh He is so good!

    • Thank you, Barbie – I learned He’s holding onto me with a much tighter grip in case mine starts slipping! He is always good – even in the midst of a storm, every day!

  3. Your listing of kinds of prayers especially touches my heart today… God truly does want us to acknowledge his presence in and care for every moment of our – and our children’s – lives. Beautiful post!

    • The older I get, the more I see His presence in everything – and the more I tell my boys about it – probably much to their dismay – yet the more my boys grow the more kinds of prayers I need! I am so glad you came by!

  4. How beautiful is this reflection on your blog history. So many times you have encouraged me with your words. I know you will continue to use your words for God’s Glory.

    • WOW – I’m doing one 18 year old at a time -x5 – and I like how that’s spaced out – no double teaming. I just go cross-eyed at the possibilities for hijinks of 2 seniors at one time- you are a mom-star!

  5. This is so beautiful. I love the things little children say. I am blessed because my boys grew up and accepted imperfect me. But not without tears or heartache. Praying for you to find courage to face each minute, to keep waiting, to have hope.

    • Thank you, Micey – I remain doggedly, determinedly, faithfully hopeful! Except for those moments I’m not – LOL – but they don’t last too long before I’m back to being dogged and determined! Loved despite our imperfections is the most beautiful kind of love of all!

  6. Love how your son described you and how that still shapes your life. Parenting is so challenging….your openness and honesty are a blessing to all of us who visit your cyber home.

    • Thank you Renee – I hold those sweet words my son gave me close – and try to live up to them. Parenting is challenging. I think it is the sweetness of their littleness – their hearts just pouring our such pure love that sustains us/me in the challenging-teen years. So glad you came by to visit me in my cyber home:)

  7. Oh, this is the sweetest post. I’ve traversed many of those same waters with my own boys and reading your memories makes me a little wistful. Happy belated anniversary. Your words always give my a sweet sabbath moment.

  8. You have such a beautiful way with words. You say things my heart thinks but my mouth can’t articulate! I love the history behind BCM and some of your journey with the boys, God, life – I am so honored to have e-met you because you inspire me so much!!

  9. I happened to come by your blog when looking at Andrew’s website for FMF. I love your transparency, your words that weave true stories into magic. It’s beautiful.
    I’m #48 in FMF this week (if you are there too?)

    • Thank you, Miccah! I’m so glad you stopped by! No – I’m not at FMF this week! I need to head there, soon, though!

  10. I love the walk down memory lane! Congratulations on ten years of blogging. I think I’ll hit that mark in October. My first blog post was about a sparrow. May God continue to lead and guide you as you write, work, and parent!

    • Congratulations on your upcoming decade celebration! What an encouraging voice you are in the blogging community! I receive your prayer for God’s continued guidance and leading, my friend! ~ Maryleigh

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