Soulcombers for Broken Shells like Dry Bones — 24 Comments

    • Maybe the youth in your church grow up and stay – but if not, where are they? Have they wandered away? Is anyone reaching out to them? Those are the questions I have about where I need to start – to be intentional in the start! Praying for God to open my eyes! Shalom, Barbara ~ Maryleigh

  1. Oh Maryleigh, your beautiful words had me crying. Our Lord is calling us to feel His heartbeat, to care for the lost and dying as He does. So many, so much brokenness. May we become more willing to share as He asks. Blessings and peace to you.

    • Thank you, Bettie! And make connections that start conversations that start relationships. I’ve often felt it is the lack of relationships in the church is why the youth wander into lostness! Praying that He makes a way for those conversations! ~ Maryleigh

    • For quite a few years, those broken shells, which have a bony feel, have felt like a cry for life, for saving! I’m glad you enjoyed the prose-poetry combo! Thanks so much for coming by ~ Shalom, Maryleigh

  2. Those dry bones came to life in God’s hands and breath. May the soulcombing of each of us, through prayers and God’s Word, touch those in need of Christ. May those dry bones live for Christ.

    • Amen Linda! Amen! The soulcombing, the prayers – and God’s touch – bring those dry bones to life for Christ! Yes and Amen again! Shalom, faithful friend! ~ Maryleigh

    • Lauren, I think we need to recognize our own brokenness first in order to love and help others in their brokenness! As mothers, it’s hard to watch our kiddos struggle in their walks, in their own broken ways – and sometimes that breaks us, too! So thankful God knows how to take care of us! Praying God’s shalom in your days Lauren! ~ Maryleigh

  3. Love the broken shell analogy here Maryleigh. Especially loved the following;
    ‘Almighty God El Shaddai who wants to be all-sufficient to ALL your needs
    Adonai, a worthy master over your destiny
    who as Jehovah-Jireh foresees every challenge you will face, every choice, whether good or bad, and provides a way back home!” Amen!

    • Everywhere throughout our days, as long as we expect God to show up, expect God’s messages, He never fails – whether it’s in the shells, a cardinal darting out – or the sudden comforting aroma of a rest-a-moment cup of tea! So glad He loves us so big! Where are you finding His messages this week? Shalom, Jennifer! ~ Maryleigh

  4. Maryleigh, this is a beautiful call for us all to remember and reach out to the lost, to the broken, and to the forgotten. May the Lord give us eyes to see them, truly see and be moved into action.

  5. I’ll never walk the beach’s edge again without thinking of your words, Maryleigh. I do believe that even though I’ll still be keeping my eyes open for a wonderful piece of sea glass, these walks will become prayer walks.

    Thank you for prompting that in me today, friend …

    • I love how God can turn anything into a prayer closet or a classroom! When we invite Him to join us, it changes everything! Prayer walking with you, Linda! ~ Maryleigh

  6. I feel like that sometimes when I look out at my classroom of students. But prayer. It’s the only thing that keeps me going when a student leaves school or makes a bad choice. I’m so sad, but I know God has a plan and I get to play a small part.

    • Anita, When I taught college students, I always hoped that I was planting seeds to help them see themselves as God saw them. You are so right – though a student may leave, we can follow them through prayer! One day we will know the story of those prayers! God does much with our small parts, I think! Shalom, ~ Maryleigh

  7. Maryleigh, this is so beautiful. The photos and the words. I rarely see shells when I walk the beaches I walk (and that’s only when we travel). To see so many shells/fragments in your photos was such a visual for your message. Thank you for the reminder to be the one who picks up the broken shells that wash up on the shores of my life and to share my story, God’s love, with them. I will remember this visual.

    PS—When hubs and I went to San Diego a few years ago, I couldn’t find any whole shells, but I did bring home some pretty fragments.

    • Jeanne, When I read your comment – at the end I thought how beautiful and precious are those fragments you brought home, like souls to God! Praying we respond to those that ebb into our lives! ~ Maryleigh

  8. Maryleigh this is absolutely beautiful and haunting at the same time, the imagery is stunning. I will remember his for quite some time, thank you!

    • It stuns me when I realize the amount of the lost that need to come home to the Father – those shells are the visual of just how many! Praying to save, praying for God to show me how! Thanks for coming by, Donna! ~ Maryleigh

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