Some Miracles Require BE FAST Behavior — 14 Comments

  1. Oh Maryleigh, how good and merciful is our God to prepare you all with the right frame of mind to deal quickly. I am so glad he recovered and is doing well. May the Lord bring complete healing and protection in the days ahead. And thank you for sharing all this information. “How blessed we are with God’s mysterious, mercy-filled ways.” Amen, we surely are!

  2. Oh our Father in Heaven is so careful with His guarding of His children! Praise God that He kept you vigilant and eyes wide-open! May His grace continue to keep you all, and bring full healing and rest to your husband. Such a miracle again!

  3. Oh, Maryleigh, I’m so very thankful that he is recovering so nicely. What an awesome God we serve. As a former Paramedic, I wanted to mention for your readers that it would be best to speak with a physician before taking Aspirin if they think they or a loved one is having a stroke. The reason is there are two different types of strokes: ischemic (one caused by a blood clot) and hemorrhagic (one caused by a ruptured artery). If you are having the latter, aspirin can make the situation much, much worse. Just wanted to put that out there. {{{HUGS}}}

  4. So glad your hubby got there in time for help. God is so good at giving signals, and working wonders even when we don’t realize. Thank you for sharing your story. And, for visiting me so I could come visit you.

    • Thanks so much for coming by! So many woman in this community are such beautiful encouragers of the love of our Father!

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