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  1. WOW! Thank you for sharing this. I had my own little eye opening experience about being a good neighbor this week too, which I shared. God is grabbing hold of some hearts to start actively showing His love.

  2. And so it’s Sunday and I know you posted this on Wednesday. But I couldn’t stop reading the thank you’s from Monday. But I’m here now and I’m reminded why I’ve grown to like reading you 🙂

    And I have to say that our prayer – it’s so much like onbe that I might pray – we have the same praying style. I heart that. And your ending – much like we love because he first loved us – we let go – because he first let go for us. Amen.

    Thank you, I really enjoyed reading this.

    God Bless and Keep you and all of yours

  3. Oh how wonderful this post! Thank you so much for reminding me that we are called to care and concern about “His” and to daily deny “my.” Being the mom of two boys and one girl, and just being in survival mode most of the time as they are still rather small, I forget this too many times. I needed to read this today and I’m so glad you wrote it! God bless –

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog…I agree with all these comments cannot think of more. What wonderful in this post is how you related this to the common interest of all that was amazing. Thank you so much for writing this. I am visiting my own religion back with a lot of heartache it was not easy but it does provide me some peace at the end of the day. I do understand the agony of loving unconditionally…

  5. This so, incredibly beautiful! Thanks so much for popping by. And at least your Mama made french toast. Haha. I love my Mum, but the closest I got to a gourmet breakfast was frozen waffles. Maybe that’s where I get my chops from. Desperation.


  6. What a beautiful story and what interesting timing for me.

    This week, as I was reading the story of the parable of the prodigal son, it struck me how gracious it was for the father to LET GO. He was surely letting go of his “my.” His hopes for his family and thoughts of the future . . . and he let go of that my to let his son stomp on his heart and take the money that HE had set aside for him and run off to be wasteful and selfish. And then he let go of his pride and rightful anger and opened his arms wide.

    Letting go. It goes against everything that seems right to us at times. But what results!

    Spring blessings to you!

    sugartails (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Okay now, I have goosebumps all over my arms – this was powerful. What a defining moment in time, right in the middle of the grocery store aisle. Wow. Certainly makes looking outwardly much more important. So well written so as to impart the most knowledge!

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  9. love this….
    But, is it not odd that this boy should seek you out, out of all others in the grocery isles, at a time when you are thinking about embracing your fellow man? He comes running to you….your back to him, he knows you not. Yet, he asks you such questions; questions of hell and love.
    ….maybe not such a coincidence.

  10. beautiful. heart-warming. heart-melting, and eye-opening. love it. really, really love it. prayer for 9. children are so special, arent they? yes, yes, yes, i agree–that my eyes would be open to others and their needs, how much God loves them and wants me to love them, right in the middle of all that im juggling with my family and home. i was intrigued by the title, socks for 5; prayer for 9, since i have an abundance of socks to pair as well, and have all but given up on this quest. so glad i read it! i will be stopping by to read often. thanks for your very kind words on my blog. i left a comment for you there. a kindred heart, indeed <3

  11. wow. what an incredible story friend. and i love this: Jesus opened his arms wide on the cross, to suffer a mother’s terrifying, heart-wrenching nightmare, so a world of me’s could find their way into the wide open embrace of His father.

  12. Girl – you have me bawling my eyes out. Yes, stopping to love others is the best love ever. You hit the target right on here. My heart is warm and stretched. Thanks so much for linking up at SFTOT. Blessings.

  13. This broke my heart for sure. God certainly brought him to you to plant that seed of love in his heart. Praying for fertile soil and that someone else will come along to water and tend it.

  14. Letting go of the “my” …. Yes. And WOW! What an amazing encounter. Have you seen the boy since?

    • No, I haven’t. It was a random moment in a grocery store before we moved back to TN. I think God wants us ready for random moments, to love someone, to care enough to give someone hope words.

  15. great let go of my…to wrap around His…and wow…what a raw, pain filled question…blessings to you~

  16. Wow! We sure are sisters in our posts this time, eh? Your story is so similar to mine (To the Furthermost Edge)!

    Love this description of the grocery aisle . . . and the background noise of the boy. Totally experienced it with you as you told the story.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, too!

  17. Maryleigh, this story may be a “repeat”, but I missed it the first time. I am so very glad you shared it again. I know so many of those little boys (and girls) that I’ve lost count… and as I begin working as a CASA I know I’ll be adding more names to my prayer list. It’s sometimes overwhelming, isn’t it? Thankfully, God’s very good at math, and He doesn’t lose track of his children!

    Your answer to the little boy was inspired. I’m going to remember it!

  18. Maryleigh, this such a powerful story! Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s amazing how God wakes us up sometimes and helps us to see with His eyes.

    Lord, give me eyes to see!

    Prayed for this little one and his mama tonight.

    • The saddness – oh, yes! Especially since I was helpless to do more – except plant that seed! And pray! I think he would be about 16 now? Praying, still!

  19. Enjoying the historical comments…
    Also struck by our similarities: when grandchild #5 arrives in July, we will be 14, and I am trying to believe it’s really true!

    • Isn’t it amazing that when our family expands, our hearts expand, too! July will be a blessing month for you! Soak in it, my friend!

    • I like how you say that, Linda – “to enlarge our own personal borders.” It certainly is comfortable to be absorbed in the me’s and mines – stretching is uncomfortable – but as we learn to stretch those borders, oh, my – the potential in that expansion!

  20. Love, Love, Love this Maryleigh! I loved the picture of your home, both then and now and the way it all was woven together with loving our neighbor. I believe loving our neighbor is very close to the heart of God!

    • Loving His children as though they were ours, too! I believe our children teach us how He’s called us to love all our neighbors. Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

  21. I love this…and it make me wonder what we should say to those adults around us who face the very same dilemma. May we each be seed planters no matter the age of the seeker, no matter whether the same question is verbalized or not.

  22. Maryleigh, Wow! What a journey. I was immersed by your story of the little boy. It’s something I continue to pray often and ask Jesus to guide me in loving others even if I don’t know them, you know, loving them his way.
    Visiting today from Let’s Have Coffee #17&18

    • I pray to understand His brand of loving more and more! I think I only know a miniscule speck of the tip of His love! Shalom, my friend!

  23. This is beautiful, Maryleigh. It is amazing how God grows our hearts, opens our eyes, and expands our prayers. May we be faithful to step into these unexpected moments and plant His seeds.

    • Amen, Joanne! I like how you say it – “faithful to step into these unexpected moments.” Those are the best moments – at least we realize that afterwards!

  24. Hi Maryleigh, wow, what a story. Wouldn’t be great to bump into that little boy again and hear how he flourished in Jesus? I so hope he did too. But what a great opportunity to plant seeds of hope and love. Loved this post, loved how you expressed our ability to stretch love to all in our sphere of influence.
    God bless my friend

    • I would love to know his story – and one day, I will! I think one of my friends calls this kind of living open-handed living! I am so glad I am learning to live it!

  25. Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve read this before and commented, it touched me deeply this time as well. You write so beautifully, and this is such a tender, heartwarming, “wow” story. Definitely a God appointment.

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