So many Soons, Some Too — 10 Comments

  1. Some soons by a twist of fate
    make time go all a-swirly
    when they come much, much too late,
    or when they come too early,
    and we’re unready either way;
    too little time, or got complacent,
    and I guess at end of day
    we’ve just got to be more patient,
    take each moment as it’s given,
    and not look on too far ahead
    to when our hearts by time be riven,
    or overfilled with joy instead,
    ’cause such anticipation’s how
    we miss the bright gift of the Now.

    • Beautifull said, Andrew! Definitely holding close “the bright gift of now.”

  2. Maryleigh, it is so true – some things happen sooner than we’d like or expect. I am so grateful the Lord is close to us at those times. May we live each day embracing all it brings as soon the day is past, and may we hold onto the memories each day brings.

    • We’re remembering the blessings and loving her right back for as long as we can!

  3. Wild apple ginger tea? That sounds delicious. My kids are still growing at home, but I can only imagine their response of SOON when I ask when they will visit.

    • I invite with “I’m cooking out – want to come?” I’m fortunate. One family lives in the neighborhood and I help with the kiddos, so that is a bonus for people coming through the door. So far, they are very intentional about time with both families when they marry. I have seen asking, “When will you visit” puts the pressure on them – so I invite and try to choose easy times for them. With the cost of living today, it is a financial relief when I cook for them, too:)

    • She definitely adds a seasoning this family needs- maybe it’s a gentleness because she’s so gentle. She was given meds that seem to be making an impact, but they are such big issues – we have been blindsided though she is within her life-expectancy typical of goldens. We are being intentional with our time with her. The boys have all been here giving her their time and love. THank yo for your kindness!

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