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  1. But if thou catch thy hope, turn back to me,

    And play the mother’s part…

    Wow, I never saw this sonnet before, not that I’ve read all of Shakespeare’s works, but it IS a timely one for you. How it must have thrilled your heart to read it one more time.

    Hope you are enjoying your time of settling down, dear friend. An hour or two to look for that coffee shop, or that antique store, a little corner in a nearby park where you may quietly read a book… sitting by a lake to watch the ducks…whatever new thing you can find. All these will revitalize your mother heart, help you “catch your hope”!


  2. I am inspired to get my Shakespeare Sonnets out and read through some of them again. I’ve been reading The Merchant of Venice because my 14 year old is studying it at school, but I haven’t read any Sonnets for a long time.

  3. “Planting people roots takes a lot of work.”
    Let God do the work. Rest in knowing His work will accomplish so much more than yours. 🙂
    Familiarity will be found!

  4. I agree, I couldn’t live without books. I’ve also really liked Shakespeare, but haven’t read it since college. The sonnet was a nice refresher.

    Thanks for stopping by Two Toddlers. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my site. Love this post and how heartfelt it was. That sonnet was moving and obviously still has relevance for today. Keep writing.

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