Remembering First Loves — 10 Comments

    • Love can be exhausting when God is not in the equation, I think. I’m intrigued about your sensible approach to love – I would like to learn more!

  1. It is definitely a special place in my heart, too, to remember how our young daughters thought they would always want to live at home, no matter their age. That changed as they aged, of course. 🙂 But it’s a good memory. So glad that God loves us with an everlasting and unchanging love!

    • When our children are ready to fly, it is a beautiful thing! I find joy in watching them build their own family nests!I find myself glad that God knows ALL about love. He’s not learning. He’s the author of it. I am glad he never gives up teaching me about it!

  2. Maryleigh, this is so beautiful. I was once three and four years old so I felt that for my Mama. I cared for her in her old age and felt it again many a day! But as a mother and grandmother…NEVER! I have never been able to feel that in this physical world. But I do know the love of God for me as He drew me towards Him for the first forty-five years of this life until I became His. Oh, how grateful I am even now as I struggle. I am grateful for you, my sweet friend. –

    • God never leaves us empty when we invite him into our lives and our hearts. I never experienced the love of a father growing up – and he has spent so much time teaching me about that kind of love, his kind of love – and filled my heart with His presence so I no longer miss what I didn’t experience. When I read beautiful Father Stories of good fathers who reflect God our Father – it shows me other facets – and I love reading them. Each story teaches me more about God. What a beautiful story He has written with you – and is continuing to write. I want to hear more about your First Love with the Father, the fire of it, beauty of it then. I love reading about your relationship with Him now! Shalom, my friend! ~ Maryleigh

  3. Oh! Your sweet words reminded me of my little boys, now 44 & 24. How I miss them yet admire them as grown men today. How is that possible? I think God’s BIG love gives us those memories as beautiful gifts. And His gift of salvation is even greater still. I enjoyed reading your post today.

    • Those memories are such beautiful gifts. I hold close those boyhood memories – and, like you, admire the men they are growing into. I am so glad you stopped by! How blessed we are with these sons GOd has given us!

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