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  1. What precious praises and remembrances! I have not published anything of late, so I will place my memory-moments here: I know God has drawn me near as I seek to find a place to live in my town that is more suitable to this growing-older-elderly! After a number of homes already established, God is blessing me with a being-built home in a 55+ community closer to church and many of my precious new church-family. God has given me health and safety. He is teaching me to trust Him for the remainder of my earthly journey and to quit taking those reins back. He has given me a realtor whom I have known for three years since we moved here and she sold us this house. She is listing my current house this Friday and prays for the safety while it is being shown, the sale in God’s perfect timing. Thank you for sharing this format with us. ~ linda

    • Praising God with you for His provision, His protection, His plans for you! I was reading this morning, “Fret Not” in Psalm 37! Praying with you during the transitioning time! Looking forward to your next post!!! Thank you for sharing your remembrances today!!! God is so good! Shalom, Linda!!! ~ Maryleigh

    • Monday has felt heavy today – let’s lift that heaviness with praise to The One with The Plan! Thanks for coming by. I hope you come back and share a remembrance post in the link! Shalom ~ Maryleigh

  2. Maryleigh – I discovered you today because of the gracious comment you left on my blog.
    Your little space here is quite welcoming and full of grace. So nice to meet you. PS I’d never heard the term muddy before for grandma. I’m a new grandmother and I still have not decided on what I should be called.

    • I reached back to my great-grandmother’s grandmother name. She was a woman who loved the Lord – and I like how her faith has reached down, like an inheritance, to speak to me! Congratulations on being a new grandmother!!!! It’s the BEST! I look forward to learning your grandmother name!!!

  3. Hi Maryleigh, I so enjoy your lyrical and grace-filled posts. I did not do a Monday post filled with beautiful thanksgivings but I’ll list them here. A good night’s rest that helps me think clearer the next day, a husband who graciously takes care of some household chores that I normally would do but am busy with writing, a son who has interviews as he awaits a new job, the grace and strength of the Lord to get me through another day, learning to trust in His timing for all things, and a mocha frappuccino to add a spot of refreshment to a weary day. The fur-ball dog who has learned to trust us and love us is a blessing and a transformation from the independent, stubborn puppy (much like it’s owner)who ignored all commands without a treat.
    Thank you for this moment of refreshment.
    Blessings, Janis

    • Praising God with you for these beautiful blessings of His, Janis!!!! He is so good!

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