Remember Me Monday: #3 — 3 Comments

  1. So happy for “the God response,” in your community! I agree with you, the times we are in right now need “the God response,” nationwide. Praying it spreads!

    I appreciated hearing the testimony of God working in your county.

  2. I’m wondering what would happen at the protests of the good Christians got off the pews and joined in—bathing the protest in prayer? For too long I’ve ignored the problems racism causes because I’ve always known that I’m not racist. But I don’t think that’s enough anymore.

    • Love prays – doesn’t it? And love steps in to help the hurting, hopeless and hungry. Love goes out to help, extend a hand – and stands together to condemn the heinous actions of people who commit atrocities! Maybe it’s about loving your whole community better, not just the “cliques” we form. Maybe this is the part of love where “you will know them by their actions.” My word for the year has been prayer – God gave it to me in December – it is certainly a word for this season!

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