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  1. Oh, Maryleigh, what a gift to have you as my neighbor on a linkup and then to have these incredible memories and family history to remember. I have fallen in love with Muddy and Granddaddy just in these paragraphs. I love it that he built a school house on his property for the children out there. I love the chickens for a meal. I love it all. My parents were the Navy doctor in WWII/Pacific Theatre. Mom was a “Rosie” sort of working in the Naval Supply Depot, sending supplies to all the sailors at sea.
    God has been so very gracious to me as a widow of almost two years now. He has provided a precious family through the church I attend…not just more elderly but families with children of all ages who call me grandma or Mrs. Linda. God has given me His Truth, not only for me to read on my own but through this church where the Word is taught with the power of God behind it. God has given me people who care about me and watch to make sure I have what I need during this COVID-19 period, making far less trips necessary into the public area. He has gifted me with two sisters, two sister-in-laws who each love me so although they all live in all kinds of corners of the US.
    I am blessed, Maryleigh. I feel so very loved. Thank you for sharing your space with us. I look forward to returning each Monday.
    Loving you, ~ linda

    • Linda, it is so beautiful how God is taking care of you, filling the empty places to overflowing! Your list of what God has done for you brightened my heart! I’m so glad God doesn’t just win the BIG battles – but takes care of the details of our lives! Love you back, Maryleigh

  2. What a beautiful story and wonderful memories! To have a Godly heritage – a history of faithful servants through the generations – what an amazing privilege and gift!! You are blessed:)

    • A few years ago, I was reading the chronological bible in a year – and the one phrase I kept hearing over and over again is God telling his children, “You have forgotten me, what I did for your fathers and your fathers’ fathers.” I heard that as God saying, “Remember Me” – and it stuck with me, and grew to this Monday morning ritual – to intentionally remember what He has done for me – from today back to what I know He has done for my family. I’d love for you to join me on Monday and either leave a link or a list of what He’s done for you! Let’s make Mondays Praise change the rest of the week! THanks for coming by Jennifer! ~ Shalom, Maryleigh

  3. Oh, sweetie, you are such a precious and special soul. And I haven’t even gotten to hug you yet. Your thoughts are so touching and heartwarming…almost like being at the counter in your kitchen! I love your new cyber home and your wonderful words live on. May the Lord bless you outrageously for all your efforts to serve Him. Love you! ❤

    • Lynn! I will be up your way toward the end of June! I won’t be there often anymore because my sweet aunt passed away before Thanksgiving. I would love to meet for coffee and that hug! Thank you so much for stopping by – and your kind encouragement! I’m so glad to be back in the blogahood and visiting with friends! ~ Shalom sweet friend! ~ Maryleigh

  4. I love how God can use the prayers and examples of a righteous woman to witness to generations of family. I want to be that kind of woman. Thank you for sharing Muddy’s story. I love her nickname :). Right now, our only grandchild calls me ‘Regular Abula’ (regular grandma in more or less Spanish–he has autism). I get a kick out of being ‘Regular’–often he refers to me as ‘my Regular.’ I want his children to know that Regular loved Jesus!

    • Anita, What an awesome grandma story! I don’t know how the original “Muddy” came by her name – maybe the “th” sound morphed into D’s when someone was little. That’s my grandmother name – Until they learn how to say it, I’ve been “Money”, “Mubby” and “Muppy.” LOL. I love your special-to-you Grandmother name – “Regular.” I know you are planting seeds for your grandchildren’s children! It’s wonderful to look back, even if you have to dig, and find that someone planted a beautiful faith seed for you! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh “Muddy”

  5. You have such a beautiful legacy that I see you continuing in your sons and grandchildren. Your heart for family and sustaining what has come before is a gift that you pass onto your own family. As you were describing your aunts and uncles I couldn’t help but remember my own aunts and uncles. They have all passed now but they taught me about the importance of family and this has shaped who I am today.

    • With all sons, I’m not quite sure how that legacy will be remembered – with stories (because it seems to me that women are the story-keepers) or with their hands and hearts, the story forgotten but the heart stuff passed down through how they do things. I’ve learned to vintage the legacy – to collect the God stuff – and let go of the hard stuff. I think that’s one reason I love the original Muddy’s story so much. Thanks for coming by Mary! Shalom!
      ~ Maryleigh

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