Prayer for My Son’s Wife — 9 Comments

  1. Oh, Maryleigh, what a beautiful letter for your son’s new wife. You, as the mother of one of those two young people, to know that your blessing is for both of their bests, for for both of them to love one another and place one another before parents and children is so key to a strong and healthy marriage. I am blessed, today, in knowing that there are mother’s like you who truly love their sons so dearly that you are willing to give…GIVE…your sons freely. More young women need to know that about their mother-in-laws.

    • Thank you, Linda! To keep my son would be to clip his wings and not let him live the story God designed him to live. I find joy – and rest – in this releasing, this giving away, this entrusting. Yet, I am excited to receive a beautiful daughter into our family! What they bring into this dominantly male household has been grace, beautiful, and a different expression of joy that is refreshing! Thank you for your beautiful encouragement, Linda! ~ Maryleigh

  2. Maryleigh, what a touching letter for your son’s wife. I need to take the essence of your love here and give it to our son’s wife, even though the circumstances differ. Still we trust God has brought them together and created our first (and possibly) only grandchild–a son to love and cuddle when we have the opportunity and invitation to visit.

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