Papaw’s Prayer & Link-Up — 20 Comments

    • I cannot explain the joy it brings my heart when I get to experience this – either watching it happen or being a participant.

  1. Hi Maryleigh, for some unknown reason I’m having trouble linking up this week & last.
    It constantly says that my images on my posts can’t be read even though I’m doing exactly what I’ve always done.😕
    It won’t even load the posts I have posted on the Linky Tools before!🤔
    I have also done their alternative suggestions & still nothing.
    Do you have any idea of what may have changed in the matrix?

    • I have sent a message again this week – hoping they will find a solution. It’s very frustrating!

  2. Oh, I love this, and his prayer. So so cute. What an amazing papaw and Muddy (assuming that’s you) reading and teaching your grandbabies. I need to learn Aaron’s prayer for the bad days. Was blessed to see your sharing at Sunday Scripture. Have a wonderful November and rest of week.

    • Yes – Muddy was my great-grandmothers “grandmother” name. Aaron’s Blessing is, indeed, a powerful prayer – full of such hope and goodness! Shalom, Peabea! ~ Maryleigh

  3. Maryleigh, this is just beautiful and precious in so many ways. Not only is your husband reminding himself of the faithfulness of God, he is also leaving a legacy of faith deposited in his grandchildren. I cannot help but think the seeds sown in the stormiest of times are the ones with the greatest yield. It’s why the enemy works so feverishly to keep the seeds from being sown.
    “The Lord bless you and watch, guard, and keep you; The Lord make His face to shine upon you and enlighten you and be gracious(kind, merciful, and giving favor) to you;The Lord life up His (approving) countenance upon you and give you peace (tranquility of heart and life continueally).” (AMP)

    • Thanks, Joanne, for sharing the AMP translation! I love the extra detail in it! So love that! ~ Maryleigh

  4. Maryleigh, those verses from Numbers are among my favorites. The way Pawpaw prayed these verses was beautiful, and my heart swelled at Henry’s version! You have such a beautiful way of praying your words, expressing from the heart your vulnerability, and this week is no different. I am humbled and lifted up reading your words of God’s love and His face shining upon us on ALL days. Oh how we are loved!

  5. I love the way that God’s face is shining over all the generations in your family, dear Maryleigh. What a legacy of grace, and what a gift of mercy! You are a blessing and an encouragement!

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