Old Prayers and New — 15 Comments

  1. Maryleigh, this is so precious for so many reasons. So many prayers on my heart for varied loved ones right now. So very grateful our Father hears and tends to each prayer. Both the David Jeremiah and Hudson Taylor quotes are pure gold! And the days spent with our grandchildren bring so many wonderful lessons!

    • Your post on salt spoke to me – like you said, so many prayers on my heart, too – for varied loved ones! I am so glad we lift each other up by sharing what God speaks to our hearts!

  2. Oh, so beautiful! I love those dear little Grandboy prayers! Maybe this is the year of child-like prayers? After all, Jesus told us that if we wanted to come to Him, we must first become like little children, so dear to His heart. Thank you for stirring my heart this morning, dear friend!

    • Oh – I like that Bettie – The Year of the Child-Like prayers – and children are truthful and go straight to the point. Turning this thought over sweet friend! Maybe God’s lesson for me was more simple than I realized!

    • I love how children see things – hearts that grasp so often what grown-ups struggle to understand.

    • Thank you, Paula! I’m always trying to find a way to talk about God in ways different people can understand – I find it’s easier sometimes with children than with teenagers or adults – I think children are more willing to believe – maybe because, as Dickens said, they are still so soon from God.

  3. I’m smiling as I read this because I just wrote a piece on a verse from Psalm 23:3. God’s Word is a constant source of blessing, healing, and hope!

    • Psalm 23 seems written to the God-designed DNA of every soul – and is so full of love, compassion – and, like you say, blessing, healing, and hope.

  4. I just love your time with the little ones as it always gives me joy, peace and love as I read your interactions. And Psalm 23 is precious always! I learned a number of years ago about sheep and shepherds, writing about them at Being Woven. I still am learning. Always learning.
    Take care, Maryleigh, and know I love you, ~ linda

  5. Maryleigh, I LOVE how you made Psalm 23 so personalized for your grandson. What a sweet way to help him see God as the Shepherd who loves and provides for him. And what a beautiful reminder of how I can pray and keep things personal with the Good Shepherd.

  6. Such a beautiful glimpse into our Father’s heart! You’re a godly grandmother who is teaching her grandson the way that he should go! I like the Child-like prayer heartbeat.

  7. I love your wording of Psalm 23. It works for us big kids too. 🙂 It’s one of my favorite and most quoted Psalms that I repeat in my head (and heart) again and again. Blessings to you for passing this on to your littles.

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