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  1. I have always been an organizer and one who “needed” to know what the next step was, what tomorrow would bring, the outcomes, etc. Of course, we know that those imaginations of one’s organizer mind, those things rarely fall the way I hoped, intended them to be. But God’s plans are perfect and so grateful that I am learning (still) to allow Him to orchestrate each step. I love your Oliver Twist bowl analogy. I shall be singing “Gruel, Wonderful Gruel” for this morning, hearing him start off with “More, please, sir.” “MORE?!!!” Yes, Lord more. I want more of you.

    • My boys love quote that Oliver Twist line to me! LOL – I’m someone who likes to know what’s going to happen so I can be prepared, too – even it just says, “Hour of chaos” but God has slowly, knowing the pace I’ve needed, teaching me to trust, to let go of my control and hold on to His! We both are learning the steps to this action-filled, adventure-filled, blessing-filled (if we’re willing to see them) journey with our Father! Glad to be sharing this faith walk with you! So glad when we ask for More of Him, He smiles and fills our soul bowls! ~ Maryleigh

  2. I must be doing something right, too, because this life is nothing like I had planned.

    Hey, love your poem – this line spoke to me: “it’s about finding the snug spot under His wing.”

    Happy birthday, Maryleigh. May your day be epic.

    • Oh, that snug spot, Jerralea! Where we fit just right – like we belong there – because He says we do!! Not hugged in too tight or too loose but just right!That imagery just makes me want to settle there for awhile! My celebration had such sweet moments that my heart just overflowed! Not on one day – but through the whole week. I’ve learned that if I try to rush my crew with my “expectations” – I don’t get to experience the good stuff that comes from their hearts! So I just wait in expectation of what their heart has to give. I was not disappointed! Thank you for the wishes! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh

  3. Lovely post Maryleigh!
    My life has definitely been different to any plans I ever had with many twists & turns along the way! But God has blessed me none the less!
    And I join you in wanting “more of God” less of Jennifer!

    • It sounds like we are living God’s All is Well (2 Kings 4:26) plan – even when it certainly doesn’t feel all is well – or maybe look all is well – but if we hold on to Him, He makes all well! Standing in that Holy Spirit river of more with you, Jennifer! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh

  4. Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! And you are so right … life has not looked like anything I (we) ever expected. My husband & I have always said that if there is an easy way and a hard way to do something, we always ended up doing it the hard way 🙂 But I would not trade our lives for anything. God has blessed us in so many ways, it was all worth it! This line is so true >> “It’s all about the journey with my King, my Father, My Creator …” Blessings, friend!

    • Our King – Our Father – when we walk it with Him – He takes us on an All is Well journey – it might not feel like it or look like it, but He makes it well. I understand doing things that hard way! And God just patiently waits till we turn to Him to help! What a good! Good Father we have Joanne! ~ Maryleigh

    • Barb, I think I’m learning to let my boys love me in their own ways – and throw my expectations of what that looks like! They brought me the sweetest smiles, the best hugs – and sweet surprises that just melted my heart! Nothing like I expected – and so much the better! Thank you for your well-wishes!

  5. Happy Birthday dear Maryleigh! May the Lord bless you so richly this year. Your poem touched me so deeply, and this stanza really struck a deep chord with me:

    “the paths He wants me to take that seem
    too much for me – but He makes a way”

    Oh, amen! He will make that way open before us, when there is no other way. May I trust Him more too. Prayers and blessings for you!

    • I receive that blessing, Bettie! May we both trust Him more – and may we find the rich blessings He has in store for us! Shalom sweet friend! ~ Maryleigh

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Maryleigh! I so appreciate your perspective. It’s one I need to remember when life feels overwhelming. Thank you for your words. I’m especially pondering this today:

    “But God is perfecting me through each challenge, each heartache, each mistake that puts a dent in the important stuff.”

    I hope your coming year holds many joyful memories!

    • The daily overwhelms are like the little foxes to my vine so many times! Learning to let go so much easier and just ride the ride with Him! I am a work in progress. I’m standing in faith God has many joyful moments stored and planned for me! I’m expecting it!

  7. Happy, happy Birthday Maryleigh!! And congratulations on 38 years of marriage!! Such a good post reflecting on our life’s expectations. WOW, I must be doing something right, too, because my story is nothing like I would’ve written, but so much better! My expectations are shallow and selfish, while God’s have been life giving, life transforming and eternal!

    • Yes! So much better! Despite the heart-aches, the challenges, the things gone all wrong – He has made my story and yours so much better! He is The Best Dad!

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