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  1. that was a lovely picture of loving, Grace-full girlhood. thank heavens… and the blue cotton memory titling is very evocative… nice works!!

  2. This is so beautiful. Yes, our Lord’s grace is as endless as the oceans. And when we feel that first stirrings in our heart to seek after our Beloved, we can know for sure that He has already drawn is to Him and upholds us with His right hand; with His grace, mercy and love.
    Blessings XX

  3. Mary Leigh,
    What a beautiful photo of you, as a little girl, and as a proud mama…sorry, Father S. was not kind in his response to you…Giving thanks for His ever present grace 🙂

  4. He chases us down with his unfailing love and endless mercy and unfathomable grace! Love how you weave this in your story here. Grace to you and peace from God our Father.

  5. Hi Blue Cotton! Oh, how I remember those questions that no one ever seemed to get right. I am so glad that the Lord covered your ears, you had the idea just right for your age and understanding. Your priests answer would have probably confused the heck out of you. Grace comes in all different ways, doesn’t it?

    Love your dress for your son’s wedding. I also love this little girl at the top of your post. I think we would have been best friends.
    Blessings! From Still Saturday,

  6. Aren’t you beautiful!! What a lovely photo of you dancing with your son. That must have been a joyous day.

    My answer as a child would likely have been the same as yours, but my minister probably wouldn’t have asked the question. I don’t remember any teaching about grace in the church where I grew up.

    I’m sorry Father Stewart responded so ungraciously to your enthusiasm and best intentions. Praise God for revealing His true grace to you and drawing you to Himself despite that.

  7. This GRACE that saves does not come from any philosophical arguments…It is His gift.

    We can have different versions of “grace’s meaning” that’s why I know that your answer was not wrong. We are touched in different degrees and different ways. It could be like a consuming fire to some. To others, it could come as overwhelming peace and calm. To you, “as it moves like a ballerina…” You aced that question! It’s sad that he didn’t recognize/discern the truth in your answer.

    I love both of your pics. They’re both beautiful and special. Sister, I pray everything is well with you and your family and that you are remaining strong in the Lord’s mighty power! I’m always encouraged by your visit. I know it’s precious knowing you are busy. Take care and God bless.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! I love your pictures, especially the one of you dancing at your son’s wedding. Isn’t it wonderful knowing that no matter what the world judges as right or wrong we always have the correct answer with God.

  9. Thank you for visiting A Joyful Cottage. I’m glad you did, as it has lead me here. I identified with the awkward little girl you describe, and wonder if you had sifted through my memory box before you wrote this. I was struck not only by your own grace experience, but by Father Stewart’s lost opportunity to demonstrate beautiful grace to a sweet little girl. And it makes me ponder this: Am I so focused on the task of getting Christ’s grace message across, that I forget the very Messenger of grace Himself and how He would have me demonstrate HIs grace to the one who might not quite understand? I guess what I’m saying is that words without action are meaningless. Thanks for writing this. I’m subscribing to your blog so I don’t miss anything. ~ Nancy

  10. Hi Maryleigh, such a cute photo. Isn’t it amazing how things mould us, words of others, that man in your class, and your mom and grandmother? God is certainly gracious and one of the things I love about His grace is He knows us so well He pours out grace in a way that only we, individually, know how to receive and know its Him. Your posts always encourage, thank you
    God bless my friend

  11. What a perfect answer you gave that day when the father swatted his hand in reproof, sweet friend. He could not see all the ways grace shows up in our lives and spills from the “mouths of babes.” (Matthew 21:16)

  12. May I ever move in Grace, just like a Ballerina! I loved your answer and so sorry about your wounded shy spirit on that day. Thank you for sharing your sweet story with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

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