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    • I know that hurt in the midst of a “do” – Maybe they are the growing pains of our hearts and souls expanding to the size they were designed to be! Praying that you feel the love of Shaddai wrapped around you like a warm hug, that His Holy Spirit run like water over your hurts, seep down deep inside you and give you peace and strength to stand and overcome!

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  2. I so loved this story approach of telling the story of David. Your words really encouraged me because recently I answered God’s “go” and “do” to start up a community ministry at our church. Its been hard on me. Mentally and emotionally, and spiritually, which means when you have 4 children aged12 to 5 it is hard on them too, not to mention the husband who keeps reminding me “but honey I thought you WANTED to do this”. But we are doing it as a family, which is what God called me to do years ago, before I had the fainest idea what “it” would be. The laundry and meal situation was deplorable for most of the month of June. I cried a lot from the sheer stress and spiritual attack of feeling like an inadequate fool. But I did indeed, like David, remind God, I am doing this for Your glory for the least as You commanded and led me…now You are going to have to pull me up out of this funk so I can take care of my family. And He did every time, and I know there will be more funks down in the mire, but I know He will show up again. Thanks for sharing.

    • When God says, “go” and “do” – the encouraging thing is He knows we can do it – that He equipped us for it and He doesn’t give us broken-down, out-of-date equipment. He gives us the best! After every go is a time of refreshing- that really helps me hold on in the midst of a challenge – that He will bring me to a refreshing point. You may cry from the overwhelmingness – but I love your courage and faith to stand right back up and not give up! You are indeed a warrior daughter of the King!

    • I so enjoy when you stop by. You always see something in my writing or my message – whether it is heart or God-art – a detail I that I am glad someone picked up on – and you do!!!! Thanks, Micey!

  3. I really enjoyed story about King David. I think it touched on what makes us human; mainly, that we expect victories and not losses when we serve God. Good food for thought and great devotional writing!

    • His yoke is easy and His burden light – but that doesn’t mean His way is challenge-free – however, His way is always victorious! So glad you stopped by. Wishing you blessing this beautiful week!

  4. Sometimes when God tells us, “Go” or “Do,” it doesn’t make sense to those around us.

    Such a great point! It’s easy to look to our peers for reassurance and confirmation. And sometimes we might can get that, if God so shares the vision with them too. But other times, with or without the understanding of others, we must obey God at all costs. Not easy to do though, but definitely the right thing to do.

    • It is hard when people around you look at you with doubt, eye-brow arched and you can see it in their eyes – just exactly what they think about what you’re doing! Like you say, “We must obey God at all costs.” Thank you for coming Lisa – and being a wonderful voice to encourage the “at all costs.”

    • Thank you, Hazel, for encouraging so many of us to tell our stories – and for always sharing yours! If we stick with God, He never fails to pull us through to victory – it’s just a matter of not giving up! Wishing you blessing this week Hazel.

  5. “Go” or “Do” is something God has said to me many, many times. I consider myself a “knee-jerk” servant. I’ll go anywhere, anytime when the Lord has someone who needs me. The only bad part is that I’m getting older and older and my energy, my brain, and my around-and-about ability is reducing. But, I still can do some, almost any time, any day. Not as strong, but my knee-jerk personality hasn’t gone away, yet. When I get to heaven, I might be used as a quick spread-around helper as His daughter. Thanks for sharing.

    • Isn’t that what He wants, Joanne? Someone who jumps into without thinking because we believe so much? Sometimes, though, that Go can have repercussions that like a hurricane blowing through, take a while to work their way out – but it is faith and hope in His faithfulness that gets us through. I love your get up and go – even if you’re not as strong. There are so many days I don’t feel as strong either – but I never want to lose that attitude like you have!!! Blessing sweet friend!

  6. Oh – great application and metaphor of this David story in our contemporary lives. Yes – been there many times. God is so faithful though – thereby is joy!

  7. Just shivers from this post. Oh how these words resonate in my soul…

    “I went only to battle because you said, ‘Go’” – not for glory, not for gain – and as a result, I have lost all. . . . all. . .”

    But what a beautiful promise, friend!! God redeems EVERYTHING!! Yes, yes, might we not forget that what we humbly sacrifice and give Him in obedience, He often returns to us a hundred-fold as blessings.

    • There are days I have to remind myself – and I go to him and I pray this – and he gives me peace. This story blessed me when I needed it – and it double blesses me now because I could share it and bring encouragement to a friend with it! Praying for you, Jenn!

  8. I am so glad you shared this post again, Maryleigh, as it is both beautiful and powerful. I am so grateful to be reminded that the battle is already won and “not a one will be lost. . . not a one. . .”

    • Thank you Joanne – I was talking to a friend about that story and God opening my eyes to it just when I needed it, just when I was questioning whether the going was the right thing four years after the going! God always has a saving plan – sometimes it just looks different than our idea of a saving plan!

    • Learning to trust like that for me was hard – like free-falling – and sometimes it was walking through one kind of failure to get to God’s kind of saving!

  9. Thank you for sharing this post again today, Maryleigh! It was such a confirmation to me, as God has been asking me to look back at all the years that He had us “go” and “wait” even when others around us were ready for the stoning. HE has been so faithful through it all, and I long to bring praises to Him. Blessings to you this week, as we both cling to His promises for our loved ones!

    • I think we wish our “people” understood why we make decisions – that they really “got it” – it’s hard but the only person we need to “get it” is God – the older I get the more I am learning to stop judging – because I don’t know God’s plan for another’s life – that’s between them and God. Friend, when two or three cling together to His promises for our loved ones – He moves mountains! Shalom to you this week, Bettie! ~ Maryleigh

  10. It’s so easy to think that everyone should do things they way WE do them. Thank you for reminding us that that isn’t the case. Each of receives different instructions from God and different methods of carrying out his calling.

    • We only have to write our story with God – we’re not to write another’s story – and that’s an important but hard lesson I am learning! Wish I understood it sooner! Shalom in your story this week Anita! ~ Maryleigh

  11. It is not easy to follow God’s command to “Go!” and “Do!” Thank you for this beautifully written story. It takes courage and faith to do step out of our comfort zone.

    • It’s hard, especially when our comfort zone is at a moment when everything is just, “Ahhhh! This is great!” Thanks for the kind encouragement! Praying that we find grace as we step out, if we’re called to do so, this week! Thanks for coming by Laurie! ~ Maryleigh

  12. Isn’t it comforting to know God has our backs & that He is faithful even in the hard times of having been obedient & seemingly losing everything in the process. He gives so much more!
    Bless you,

    • It is comforting – now – how I wish I had understood so much of all this when I was much younger! I am so glad that He doesn’t give up on those who follow Him more slowly! ~ Maryleigh

  13. You are a beautiful storyteller. God tells us to go and do and then surrounds us with his protection and provision. I love how you laid this out through the story of David.

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