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  1. Well wow. Just when I think, “She can’t top this one” you do. This was an amazing post. I love love love the story of your neighbor and how true her words are. My gosh, what power in those words. Then you tie God into it and give purpose to our lives we are living. Man, this was good!

  2. This is a super post. I can see that little girl in fear of the argument and I can feel the joy of sharing part of your life with a little boy that will turn into a man. Awesome Maryleigh!

  3. No words are good enough for me to say anything in response to this post.

    Just… thank you.

    To say more would steal the moment from me. I want to let your words sink in.


  4. Our lives are not our own. In Christ, we die daily to self. There is much wisdom in your words, ” I gave my life to God – and He wants me to give it away to others.” May we always remember to be a channel of God’s blessing to others. Thank you!

  5. This is just beautiful. I feel as thought I am reading about my mom’s life. She is one of those wonderful woman who cares about everyone; her life is not her own and she is always there.

  6. Oh thank you so much for sharing. How this resonated with me! My life is not my own either, and there are days when I am grateful for the chance to be God’s and days when I am chomping at the bit like your son ready to control his own life. What a wonderful story about your neighbor and such a wise perspective. This blessed me to read. Thank you – Smiles –

  7. What an incredible moment God used in your life. Thanks for sharing. Oh to life a life overflowing and to think! To live it overflowing not for me but for Him. If I could only remember it is not my own indeed, but heaven help me if I don’t need his help to remember.

  8. I love this! That is why when I host events or even just coffee times with friends I often ask one to share their testimony or even where they are in their lives. Too often we share sturggles or just fun but we need to pass down our stories and what God has taught us.

  9. I don’t know what’s ahead in the next five days, let alone the next five minutes, but I used to think I had the next five years planned out. 🙂

    I need to relearn this: this life is not my own.

    Glad you linked up to TheHighCalling and GDWJ communities for our “Word Portrait” project.

  10. That scene with you in the backyard hedges listening to the argument, and them seeing you there, calling out your name? So well told. I was there, with you, hiding…watching…listening.

    Good stuff. I’m so glad you joined the Community Writing Project!

  11. Such wisdom, Maryleigh. I’m glad Laura May called you, and I’m glad you went to her. I love this: “Allowing others to pour their story into our lives is just as important as pouring our stories into others’ lives. Those stories are God’s stories, God’s messages, God’s encouragement.” So true. Thank you, Maryleigh, for sharing and teaching and just being who you are, with your big ol’ Jesus heart.

  12. Thank you for sharing at Tell Me a True Story. I enjoyed it start to finish. It is amazing that we do learn that Freedom is not always ours, but we can share love and our experiences with others. What ever our choices in life; more school, a job, joining the military, marriage, or what ever, we give up certain freedoms, inorder to serve others. The only true freedom is in serving Jesus.

  13. Such a lovely post and sentiment. Although there is much negative on the i-net, there is much beautiful and I love how different people use their blogs to “pass it down”. As a young girl, I would sit in the corner of the room, usually the kitchen, and listen to the stories. Grandparent’s, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends would repeat stories they had heard…stories of our heritage, how GrandDaddy was blown out of his outer wear when the dynamite went off too soon, how Uncle James lost his life in that same explosion. How his wife…for the sake of me, memory has flown!…raised 13 children by taking in other people’s wash and Never, Never, Never was a whiff of unseemliness spoken of her! Visual stories of watching my parent’s read their Bible Every Single Day, another Aunt in church standing and singing, a cappella, her favorite hymn.
    Tell your son it could be worse…he could have been adopted by his neighbor’s two dogs and the spaying and vet bills would have been doubled. But that’s another story for another time…-smile-.

  14. Wow! This post was sooooo great! What a sweet lady who cared enough to go out on a limb and tell you her story and not to make the same mistake. My life is not my own! In this day and age, culture in this world tries to tell you differently… those mixed messages can really confuse people, but thankfully we have a wonderful God who when we listen he will guide us correctly.

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  20. Beautifully poignant and rich blog post.

    Never did I realize how much my life was not my own when my firstborn was handed to me in the hospital, and now with a precious granddaughter, daughter and son-in-law living with us for a season, many sacrifices made, but all so worth it not to have my life be my own. God blesses us so much when we live for Him by living to “pour into” others.

    Thank you so much for this very encouraging post.

  21. Hi MaryLeigh, reading your post almost took me back to another time. I imagined these darling ladies in all the finery etc. What a statement though to absorb. My life is not my own. It is His and He does as He chooses and He seeks my willingness and trust that He will do what is good for me. Great post.
    God bless

  22. Gosh, that would be scary as a young girl to go sit with someone who was dying and afraid. “My life is no longer my own and never was…” Yes. That is a hard true, but a glorious one once we can accept it. Beautiful truths here, Maryleigh.

  23. Maryleigh, wow…this is such a deep post!

    And you’re absolutely right; our lives are not our own and were never meant to be, woven as they are into a great tapestry whose full extent only God can see. We are supported by the threads, woof and warp, around us, and when we go missing a little bit of the beauty unravels.

    And God notices, and sheds a tear.

  24. Dear Maryleigh,

    I loved this post and your previous one, too. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and another peek into your life and story. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you a little better and I hope we can sit on a porch one day and visit again.

    Thanks also for your encouraging blog comments during my recovery time this past summer.

    Love and hugs,

  25. Maryleigh, I am so glad you decided to share this again. What a beautiful tribute to Laura May. Our lives are never really our own and so it is interesting to me how we come to think they are. May I be willing to sit patiently and listen so that others receive the gift of passing on what they have learned.

  26. I’m with you in preferring the company of that generation—and we’re running out of souls to enjoy in this world.
    I can remember when it occurred to me that having a life to manage was a big responsibility. I’m grateful for the courage God has given at just the right time to throw off restraints—and the grace to live within them as needed.

  27. Maryleigh, this is such a beautiful post. I loved the photos and your stories and your gentle truths. I so appreciate the intentionality you share about Live. Experience. Learn. Pass it down. And your photos reminded me of photos I have of my father’s mother and her life. I have a photo book of her people and places important her in the 20’s and probably 30’s. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  28. Hi Maryleigh, I LOVE your post and the Remember Me Monday theme for your blog hop!
    Please join us at Inspire Me Monday and Friendship Friday at Create With Joy and share your writing with us.
    You are a great fit for our community!

    Have a blessed week.

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