Muddy’s Chili Sauce & Meatballs & Remember Me Monday Link-Up — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve never much cared for meatloaf either – still don’t! – but my family really likes the way I make it and often ask for it. Go figure! I do have some recipes and recipe books handed down from my Grandma that remind me of her and of happy childhood hours spent at her house. Food is so tied to our memories, isn’t it?

    • The Chili Sauce made all the difference in the meatloaf for me. I, finally, became a fan in m 50s. Food has a great ability to make memories stick to the soul, for sure!

  2. My family loves meatloaf – well, all except for my husband, who much prefers steak 🙂 It was my mother-in-law’s recipe and has surely been enjoyed. I think every family has recipes which bring their taste buds, their hearts, and their memories together and that is what makes for the perfect meal!

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