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  1. Omgosh, Maryleigh! You had me at “shaking in my soul shoes”! And when I saw your name, well, I couldn’t read fast enough (my almost grandma’s name was Mary Lee). This was a feast for my spirit. My labor of love is right now sitting at the publisher being formatted, and after visiting at Anita’s I must gather my cover design thoughts to submit asap. Your words of encouragement to stand up for what we believe and keep going are balm for my mind and soul. Thank you for listening to the voice of Jesus and sharing it with others. Blessings!

    • Congratulations Alice on your book! Praise God for the courage to stand up for what you believe! Keep going, keep doing – God has the plan! It sounds like there is a precious story about your almost-grandma, Mary Lee! I’d love to hear it some time! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

  2. Are these rich or what!!! They look wonderful.

    I would like you to pray with me that I am walking in God’s will for my life. I am also getting some pushback as I begin to tell a few friends of a plan I believe is God’s will for the next step in my life. I would appreciate your prayers that I am preparing for the right thing. Asking Him to close doors if that would be His desire for me. Thank you, Maryleigh.

    • Dear Father, praying that if you have other plans for Linda, that you would take the desire away, but that if this is, indeed, you plan, you would send her encouragement to let her know without any doubt this is what you would have her do. I pray that you will open doors that need opening and close doors that need closing. I pray that you will send laborers across her path that affirm to help her withstand any pushback and those who say, “you can’t.” We know all things are possible with you, Lord – and you know the plan you have established in her heart, the dreams you have put within her for the work you created her to do. Your daughter, Linda, loves you so Lord, humbling herself and glorifying you! I pray you fill her with courage, God-tasks, and the confidence of who she is to you! It’s in your son’s name, Jesus, I pray! I am excited for you, Linda! ~ Maryleigh

  3. Oh Maryleigh, I loved this description so well: “My blog is like a little country house on a little used road that ministers to those who travel that road and stop by for some refreshment, some encouragement to continue onward. Thirty-four years ago, this little road didn’t exist, . . . but God knew it would.” But as I clicked the copy&paste button, something hit me. My post today is about that very time period also. 34 years ago we were packing up for our move back to the Midwest from California. Thank you for the sweet encouragement you offer here. God knew how much I would need to see HIS timing in every detail of our lives. Bless you, dear friend.

    • Our expectations are just shadows of God’s plans – but, oh, how He knows! I’m trying to just stop trying to figure it out – the emotions of not knowing – and just learning to hold on tight, not take my eyes off the one who holds the plan. Some days it’s easier said than done! Praying for you during this Big Change – praying you see and feel it through His eyes, Bettie! ~ Shalom, friend ~ Maryleigh

  4. Maryleigh, this is such a beautiful and encouraging post. I am glad you are feeling better AND still writing. You always bring the loveliest words for us all!

    • Thanks so much for coming by, Joanne – and for your kind encouragement! Shalom in your week! ~ Maryleigh

    • So glad you came by Jennifer! Thank you for the encouragement! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

    • You express it well, Linda! Yes! Let’s hear it for those of us who persevere despite the naysayers! Shalom, Maryleigh

  5. I’m glad you’re getting better and able to make that mouthwatering cake!
    Your words are so encouraging, Maryleigh. Although I haven’t had anyone really turning down my ideas, I do it to myself most often. I’ve finally decided to work on getting out a book I’ve always dreamed of writing and you words were inspiring!
    Stay well.

    • I’m so excited you are following the dream God planted in you! What a beautiful journey!!! ~ Maryleigh

  6. Maryleigh, what a beautiful post and testimony of following hard after the dreams God’s given you. This right here: “Dreams are funny things – God puts them in our souls, and we look at them through our life experience, pigeonhole what they will look like, work like by what we see and know in the world.” I’ve seen how God has given me a dream to become published and I had a vision of what that would look like, how long it would take (ha!), and how I would go about it.

    But God . . . He had a different vision for me and this dream. He’s used my journey to bring healing to my heart and life. In some ways, He’s “killed” my vision of the dream as He aligned my heart with His vision. I don’t know if that makes sense or not.

    Your story about how much your thesis was loved made me smile so BIG. I LOVE when God does that.

    • Your experience makes perfect sense! He did the same with me – healed my heart and life – killed my vision and aligned my heart with His – and in all that taught me how to be a daughter to His Father! We are so blessed with how He loves us Jeanne! So very blessed!

  7. Maryleigh, I love the description of your blog on a little used road. I could so relate. And as for floppy drives!! In college my dad built me a computer that used DOS and had those stiff CD type things we saved data on. A few years later he brought me a floppy drive reader and took my other drive. And installed a new version of Word Star so I had pull down windows. Yes, big improvements. I still have a box of floppy drives with all my work saved from college and that time period. I used that computer for years, and finally got into Microsoft windows in 2020 when I bought a laptop.

    Your story had me reading for more. And it reminded me of my graduate school days and those teachers who thought they knew you should not have been admitted into the program. My advisor / teacher told two students this and they dropped from the program. She didn’t think much of my writing the first semester. Then a good friend of hers came to visit and teach and this new teacher raved about my writing to my advisor. Suddenly she saw potential in me and my writing. Your story reminds me to stand up for myself and to follow my dreams. One of which is writing. I am constantly writing, even if just in my mind.

    • There is no dream comes into existence with having to fight for it – is there – either by our own determination or by standing and trusting God to do the fighting. I am so glad we have word processors instead of typewriters, though. Like you, I am constantly writing, even if just in my mind. I am that way with photos, too. I am constantly writing when I am photographing!

  8. Standing firm for what you know to be true–that’s a quality trait that can both get us into trouble and keep us out of trouble! 🙂 But whatever the results it’s always the best option to choose. Thanks for your example, Maryleigh.

    • So true, Lisa – it’s a hard lesson but I’ve learned that sometimes you have to walk through hard places where people don’t believe and are not kind about it. It’s hard enough wrestling with our hearts – harder when others wrestle with you, too! Yet, standing firm for what one believes is the only way to get to where we need to be, even if it doesn’t make sense to the world and ourselves sometimes. Shalom, Lisa! ~ Maryleigh

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