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    • Yes, Michele! After our snow a week ago, I am suruprised there are still blossoms. The blossoms and we are hardier than we realize! God designed us well!

  1. Those gloriously pear blossoms, the cherry blossoms in Washington (I saw the festival began yesterday) and all the others are proclaiming the joy of the Lord, the glorious creations of God! Hallelujah!
    And good morning, my friend.
    loving you, ~ linda

    • It is starting to look like a riotous Hallelujah outside! It lifts my heart! Good Monday to you, my friend! Love you back! ~ Maryleigh

    • I’ve found it so much nicer to start my Mondays with a love letter than moaning about jumping back into the schedules! It changes the week!

    • Even after a hard challenge threatens that blooming – like a winter storm to a Bradford Pear Blossom! We do have such a good! Good Father, Paula! Shalom, my friend!

  2. Maryleigh, thank you for this post, which I just read. So grateful for this encouragement, and for Isaiah 49:23b 🙂 Spring truly brings such hope of what is yet to come.

  3. Do love Spring when seems God is allowing the awakening again…same as he awakens our souls to the light. Beautiful flowers and quotes. However, everyday his beautiful Earth is so pretty.

  4. ‘those who hope in me will not be disappointed’

    Thank You, Jesus. We trust You will do all things well. So grateful You know the end from the beginning.

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