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  1. Oh I loved these thoughts so much today, dear Maryleigh. Especially this:
    “God draws near
    and in the drawing, Holiness comes into
    the everyday ordinary
    redeeming, turning
    the mite of my living
    into holiness”
    Just so rich with His promises of the blessing of holiness! Thank you for sharing. I’m so excited to hear about your teaching young writers! What a gift. May God keep leading and blessing you there.

  2. Love, love this! Thank you for stretching us to look in the ordinary for HOLY! You my dear are a treasure! Thank you for sharing!🥰

  3. A good read, and yes, can imagine how teaching that age range might be challenging. We are given a fresh new slate every day, and Holy would be a word to aspire to in our every day life. With that word in mind, I think a person would be more loving and kind toward others as well as to themselves. So enjoyed reading this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. It is His Presence that transforms the ordinary into holy, Maryleigh. Beautifully written! What a great way to lead your students in the discovery of writing, beyond the dread of school assignments and into the joy of crafting words with meaning.

  5. Wow, Maryleigh, I just love this thought of “Make it Holy”, I embrace the concept in my writing, but wouldn’t it permeate every area of our lives? Imagine the difference if we simply asked ourselves how can I make this “holy”?

  6. Maryleigh, I came to your blog because Lent started this week and I just wanted to read some of your words 🙂 To read this post, “Make It Holy”, was uplifting. To be reminded how our God enters into wherever we are and makes moments and tasks holy. This is such a gift. My prayer this morning is that the Lord would make this season of Lent, these days of reflecting, holy as we invite Him to enter in.

  7. I love the writing prompts Using Make It, Make It Better, Make It Best. I’ve got to tell you about a week ago I was reflecting on Holy. We use it in song and prayer. But what makes God Holy. So I did some looking around starting first with looking up the definition. Then I read some articles. I wanted to make sure I understood. I also looked up the word reverence.
    It’s so nice to see you.
    I appreciate you sharing this message with Sweet Tea & Friends this month sweet friend.

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