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  1. This is by far one of the most moving and beautiful blogs I have read in a long while! What an awesome lesson, and a wonderful way to share the journey. I too love the Smokey Mountains, and Cades Cove is a particular favorite of ours. We hiked to several falls along the Parkway – every one worth it – but your lesson made me realize how much I missed along the way. Blessings to you!

  2. Hey ML! What a WONDERFUL post! The pictures are gorgeous as well! I wish I had your gift of expressing things. I found a new blog to follow thanks to your blog. I went looking for Ann’s 1000 Gifts and found It is a Christian blog as well. I don’t know if you have run across it before.

    God Bless,

  3. smiles…lovely…and it is a journey you know, and not always easy…and honestly sometimes in life, it is not worth it when we get there, but the destination is not always the most important thing though…there are some destinations that def do not or will not disappoint….

  4. That is EXACTLY how I feel about getting out in nature. I never feel more in touch with God and his messages, more in touch with my gratitude, then when I go “into the wild” with my family. So I especially loved this post. Thanks for a beautiful journey.

  5. Oh, Maryleigh! Shaddai has surely blessed you with His presence and His Word, revealing such precious truths to you along your path. Thank you so much for sharing it with us and allowing us to walk that path with you. Such a Spirit-filled post…as always. Bless you, sweet friend!

  6. Yep, waterfalls. My favorite is Multnomah in Oregon. But I also have several favorites in MN along the North Shore of Superior. I also had 3 in Uganda that overwhelmed me with joy and beauty. I get worn out headed to falls, often, but the results are well worth it. And they keep my mind and my heart focused on our Lord’s great kindness and His power.

  7. I live right by the beach, which is amazing. But it’s in the mountains where I really see God’s hand and read His “letters.” Beautiful truth found along those trails! Blessings to you!

  8. “I don’t want a Holy Spirit Trickle across the footpath of my journey. I want to immerse myself in a Holy Spirit Waterfall. I want to be that brave and courageous to live Holy Spirit like that!” Yes–that’s worth striving for indeed! Joining you, friend, on that journey.
    Thanks for inspiring me today!
    All for Him,

  9. What a lovely journey you shared with all of us! Thank you so much…the journey with God isn’t an easy one; however, it is so worth the climb.

  10. I love your little pink toesies :). What beauty you found…isn’t it amazing what grateful eyes will see? Love letters, indeed.

  11. Do you know I have visited so many times… and every time something takes me away before I have a chance to leave my thoughts here for you…

    You write so beautifully… I am captivated when I read and drawn to the place you are as you describe it so vividly… and your precious heart for the Lord is so evident as you weave truth through out…

    Your waterfall adventure draws me in to want to go deeper… and deeper in the Holy Spirit of God…

    Blessings to you… and thank you for blessing me 🙂

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