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  1. I have waited for permission all of my life until I was blessed to marry Kenneth and to meet Jesus, But now in my widowhood, and three years since Kenneth died, I find I am returning to my old ways…and seeking permission. Thank you, Maryleigh, for pointing me in that precious direction.

    “Giving ourselves permission to be ourselves and love others isn’t contingent on any response we receive. It is contingent on loving our neighbor as ourselves, on loving others as God loves us. We are only responsible for how we love our neighbor. Not how our neighbor loves us back.”

    loving you, ~ l

    • Because of God and how He loves us, I can do that – love without permission. It’s hard, daunting when the return is not what we would like – but I’ve decided it is seed planting. It’s not a test on the effectiveness of my efforts – i.e. if I do it well, I get a good grade. I am just called to love – and that is a humbling thing – to love not assured of the “return” or “feel good results.” Maybe that is what being Bold for Christ is all about! Love you my brave friend! ~ Maryleigh

  2. I stopped a few years ago. Every so often I forget that I stopped and go back to hiding behind a safer version of myself. I am grateful for the eyes of God, that he sees me–even when I have lost track.

    • I think our progress toward God is an ebb and flow – and the closer we draw to Him, though we ebb backwards, forgetting at times, we are quicker to remember those things He calls us to do. It feels much safe to draw back – but, really, it is more dangerous to our souls to do so. Funny how we at times retreat to what we think is safe, when boldly going forward is really the best decision to be made for our souls.

  3. This post was just beautiful, Maryleigh. I think so many of us wait for permission. I love that you reminded us that we are not responsible for how we are loved back. We are just called to love.

    “Be you! Be love! All sorts of good things live in a soul that loves like that!”

    • I think that if I were responsible for how others responding to my efforts, I would give up because all I would focus on was where I missed it. Sometimes, that love is just a seed, or maybe it is the watering of a seed. They might not ever realize what we have done – but God sees and knows the heart – that makes all the difference.

  4. Wow. What an amazing post, Maryleigh! I love everything about it. Here are some of my favorite things:

    “Sometimes, it’s feels like I’m waiting for permission to be me, like I need an authoritative or official certificate of permission to be who God designed me to be. Stop waiting for permission!”

    “Sometimes you have to love first. Sometimes you have to love though they may never know it – or even care to know it. Love anyway.”

    “Be you! Be love! All sorts of good things live in a soul that loves like that!”

    It’s not easy, and I often fail miserably, but this is how I want to live too. Sharing this on Friday at my blog as the featured post for the Grace & Truth linkup.

    • I think it gets much easier when I realize all I have to do is love – what’s done with that love is between others and God. I’m honored for you to share at Grace & Truth! Thanks so much! ~ Shlom, Maryleigh

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